Ivy Trendwatch: BEAMS Plus And Vampire Weekend

Yes, it’s really happening: big media outlets are reporting on an Ivy League men’s fashion trend. What the clothes look like is a different story.

The latest comes from the website Hypebeast and concerns the new lookbook from Japanese brand BEAMS Plus, with a headline about celebrating “Ivy League America.” There are three links in the post which all seem to go in circles getting nowhere, so try this post instead to check it out.

And yes, you should be wary of any media report that uses the term “suiting” incorrectly — twice.

Also this week, Esquire UK reports on the return of Vampire Weekend and its “Ivy League pop.” As for style, the apple isn’t just falling far from the tree, it’s getting booted across the orchard. — CC

Chino shorts, polo shirts, Harrington jackets, Converse, nice haircuts, cider and Fender Telecasters: they’re all coming back baby. How do I know for sure? Well as prescient as the arrival of Ezra Koenig and co. is, the whole preppy, pastel-frat, my-dad-employs-your-dad aesthetic has been regenerating for a while. But this time it’s all grown up. Unsurprisingly, New York is the crucible: look at Adsum or Belief in Brooklyn, OnlyNY on the Lower East Side, Aimé Leon Dore in Soho and Noah on Mulberry Street, one of the best addresses for men’s clothes in the western world.

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  1. Some attractive ensembles there. Japanese Ivy doesn’t, to me, have the off-putting odor of cosplay, which seems to be a common gripe in the States. In fact the Japanese always seem well turned-out when I see them wearing the style in person. Contrast their tastefulness with that of their countryman I saw wearing a pheasant hunting harness, with shell carriers in front and game pouch rear, as a fashion accessory over his t-shirt and sweatpants, in the Roppongi section of Tokyo.

  2. Old School Tie | February 14, 2019 at 4:28 am |

    It’s a “take” on the style which is slowly becoming a trope for bad-boyism. Obviously, there is little point in simply donning an all black ensemble with perfecto leather jacket when every fat mom from the suburbs is dressed like that. Bring on the madras and the “hittin” stripped cardigans. Apparently.

  3. Those are articles are typical of the blatant corporate shilling that you expect from menswear websites and magazines. The big question is how much those firms paid for that nonsense.

    No one should take most menswear blogs or mags like Esquire and GQ seriously. They are just full of idiotic BS that is rehashed corporate PR releases or paid advertorial. Their target market is the gullible and vain iGents and urbanites who don’t have families or true friends. Anyone who takes them seriously needs to get out more to enjoy a real and rewarding life.

  4. They are like tasteless, satirical caricatures of Ivy and Prep.

  5. I’m really looking forward to the new Vampire Weekend record. “Harmony Hall” and “2021”, the only two songs released from that record so far, sound great and they tackle important issues underneath their musicality. Unfortunately Rostam left the band and he and Ezra were powerhouses together, but from what we’ve heard so far, Ezra can write some great songs on his own.

  6. Is BKJ a paid PR shill? He certainly writes like one.

  7. Love Vampire Weekend, looking forward to hearing the new album. More preppy than Ivy, but they met at Columbia so they all have their Ivy credentials.

  8. Kenny, I’ll take that as a compliment!

  9. Kenny

    Capitalism, old boy. God bless America.


  10. Farcical

  11. @Sacksuit. I’m a great supporter of free market capitalism but hate vacuous corporate BS. Unfortunately, America is now a classic example of crony capitalism at its excessive worst. It started with Clintonite corporatism. Then came Dubya’s warfare state with useless Obama lazily following his neocon policies. Now we have the corporate snowflakes who are more concerned with virtue signalling and sucking up to the SJWs instead of delivering returns for their investors. If only we had real capitalism!

  12. Speaking of crony capitalism, Amazon just bailed out on New York. We could have used some here. In the past, when a major industry player moved to a new city, important politicians were always paid off to grease the skids. Now comes Amazon saying, “You must pay us off!” So, why be surprised when two or three key pols kill the deal?

    Bezos is not as smart as most think. Could have sent his new girlfriend to help. Often works.

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