7 Comments on "From The Inbox: Cheap Preppy Watches At Amazon"

  1. I get labeled as “preppy” quite often (though, if a distinction is to be made, I’m probably more Ivy than preppy; but that’s not the point I’m trying to make). I can understand how those watches are considered preppy- hell, the watch I have on right now has a nylon strap- but I think marketing those watches as preppy but at a markedly low price point is contrary to what I think preppiness stands for. Again, I’m using preppy as a blanket term for trad, Ivy, etc.- I know some people get sore about the distinction but I don’t intend to get into that sort of debate. I have my own style but the underlying goal of everything I purchase is quality. For me, that’s the defining characteristic. Yes, I have a watch that looks like the ones in the ad, but if my watch is “preppy,” it’s because I invested in a quality piece that will last. Not because I dropped $50 on some made-in-China number.

  2. I just noticed the massive argument about watches in another post…. Now I’m hoping I don’t get dragged into it.

  3. “Cheap” is correct. The hands on those watches move, sort of, sometimes. Better to paint a dial on the band and draw the minute and hour hands. That way it’d be accurate twice a day.

  4. Roy R. Platt | June 18, 2014 at 1:28 am |

    If you buy two watches will you have twice as much time?

  5. http://natostrapsco.com/

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    I’m not affiliated, but I’ve ordered several over the past few months.

  6. Mayes Hall | June 24, 2014 at 10:11 am |

    Why bother?

  7. I paid 35 bucks for my made in America Timex with Roman numerals and put my own strap on it for another 7 dollars. Rolex, we all agree, is not very preppy. I think a low cost (but quality, American made) watch is the definition of prep understatement. My 2 cents.

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