Exclusive J. Press Fall Preview

J. Press has given Ivy-Style a sneak peak at items from its Fall/Winter 2010 collection. The full collection will be posted on the Press website on August 19.

Grab the scarlet Shaggy Dog sweater above and you can look like this guy. Below, all scarves, like the sweaters above, are made in Scotland:

US-made peacoat in navy, and Melton wool duffle coat made in England and available in gray and navy:

Socks are made in England and come in wool, alpaca and cashmere:

Our J. Press contact said all suits and jackets this season are three button, roll to two, with sack front and hook vent:

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  1. I’ve heard reports of a decline in the quality of their Shaggy Dog sweater and other items. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to investigating what they will be offering this fall.

  2. Desk Jockey | August 9, 2010 at 10:51 am |

    A few years ago, yes. Press went to a different manufacturer & their cut was ‘European’ (scare quotes!) but for the past 2 or so seasons, by the looks of it this one included, the fit, finish & factory is the same as the older ones.

  3. Pretty standard fare, it seems. Just how I like it.


  4. I want those socks.

  5. I bought a Shaggy Dog this year and had to return it because it was way too long, it came to about four inches below my belt. For reference, I’m a pretty standard medium — 40″ chest 5’9, 150 lbs — and this was their medium size sweater

  6. I’m a 40 long and I prefer the Shaggy Dog in size small.

  7. The people at the store here in NY told me last year they had gone back to the original sizing, away from the shrunken sizes. I had, until the change, bought a Shaggy Dog yearly since 1957.

    I also look forward to the new collection.

  8. I’ve been wishing for some time now that Press would offer suit seperates in their suiting line. As I’m aging and shrinking, I now require a 44 short jacket, but still need a 38 regular trouser. Well, one can fantasize, can’t they?

  9. Any idea who is manufacturing the peacoat for Press this fall?

  10. I do find it rather frustrating when companies have these wonderful images on their websites, like J Press, yet when you look at what they are offering on line – there is hardly any of those items! Take for example those lovely jerseys presented on their enticing image, shown here on Ivy League – none are on their website for sale. This leaves one a rather disgruntled British customer.

  11. Perfect financial sector | August 28, 2010 at 10:49 pm |

    The Melton wool duffle coat is fantastic.

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