Elegance Week: Lessons From The Master


In the 1984 prepsloitation movie “Making The Grade,” protagonist Eddie gets invited to a black-tie event. To learn how to properly deport himself, he and two of his prep-school buddies study Cary Grant, the master of looking cool and elegant in a dinner jacket.

The entire movie is up on YouTube, so you can sneak glimpses of your favorite scene while at your workstation, or watch it on your mobile device while waiting at the dentist’s office. If you haven’t seeen it, it’s worth a few chuckles, and, like “The Official Preppy Handbook,” is an important social document of the ’80s preppy trend. The Cary Grant scene starts at 42:42. — CC

2 Comments on "Elegance Week: Lessons From The Master"

  1. Former St. Paul’s School and Haverford College student Judd Nelson must have gotten a kick out of playing the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ character.

  2. Judd was pretty good as Joe Hunt in the movie about the Billionaire Boys Club. The movie mixed 80’s prepdom with murder, based on a true story.

    I remember one quote he made, “Its OK to lie, as long as you know the truth, and it’s good for the BBC.” As the DA said sarcastically, “This is big business.” Unfortunately, big business and government follows Joe Hunt’s philosophy as gospel.

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