Deja Vu All Over Again

First your Lands’ End catalog arrives in your mailbox, and the following day the new issue of Cape Cod.

Yes, the gods are watching us. And Neptune, god of the sea, is LHAO.

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  1. That’s it, I’m going to Cape Cod. All these subliminal messages in these articles have gotten to me.

  2. King Kenny | May 4, 2017 at 6:06 am |


    It’s possible that Cape Cod chose its cover photo to embarrass Land End and the artist who ripped it off.

    The owners of the rights (e.g. Getty Images?) to that JFK will not be amused unless Lands End has paid them an appropriate fee.

    There should be more entertainment to come at Lands End expense. Yacht to keep an eye on this one. 😉

  3. The image is public domain, so the use of it or a derivative of it is open to the public.

    Likewise, opinions of Lands’ End are also public domain.

    To have your roots tied to sailing but to apparently not have any recognition of the original photo is, at the very least, perhaps sad. To be somewhat fair, LE’s sailing roots are more tied to Lake Michigan/Great Lakes than the coast. At the very least, they were ignorant and unintentional here, so what really matters now is how they handle the situation.

    And unless they specifically requested this, someone at LE should probably have a very strong discussion with the artist.

  4. What I find interesting is how much more esthetically appealing the Cap Cod cover is to the Lands End cover.

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