When legendary clothing company Chipp moved in 1985, Paul Winston threw away the pattern he had once used to make suits for President Kennedy.

He still kicks himself for it, but at least he managed to save the vintage Cornell jock strap pictured above.

Winston recently shared the item, sized medium, while I visited his tailoring shop. It was hidden in a drawer, but Winston knew just where to find it.

Known for their whimsical linings (including postures from the “Kama Sutra”) in otherwise conservative suits, Chipp offered matching tie and jock-strap sets in the early ’60s, Winston said. Schools included the Ivies, plus other big sports colleges like Michigan and Notre Dame. Winston would cut and sew them himself while watching football at home, cranking out up to two dozen in an hour.

Winston says Chipp sold “a lot” of them, clarifying that “a lot” in this case is a relative term. — CC

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