Yeah that headline is a bit florid. But hey, this ain’t

Bike Week continues (not concludes) with a random assortment of images. First, the Gant bicycle, which was released about a year ago with a price tag of $995. Only 25 were made available in the US, and as of a month ago there were still a few left. Call a Gant store if interested:

As for a more traditional bike maker, Schwinn currently offers this retro-inspired cruiser called the Coffee:

Coffee is a pretty silly name (the women’s version is called Cream). Previous Schwinn bikes aimed at students included the Collegiate, Varsity, Co-Ed and Debutante.

Here are a couple madras-and-canvas-shoe shots from Schwinn’s 1967 catalog:

Even Huffy — which is sold at your local Wal-Mart — is getting into the action with this affordable retro cruiser:

Because hey, what you want is a preppy bike. Which is actually the name of a Japanese company:

Speaking of preps on bikes, our parting shot is Knox Overstreet of “Dead Poets Society” leaving campus to go see his first crush, the blonde cheerleader from the public school:

Look for me at the next Big Apple Tweed Run. Tell the cabbies to watch out: “Dapper Cyclist Ahead.” — CC