Recently I was perusing a 1979 Brooks Brothers catalog and this image caught my eye. I liked the contrast of the patchwork tweed cap with the otherwise “correct” clothing. This has always been the WASP approach to sartorial whimsy.

I’d been on the lookout for a new cap for this fall/winter season, and decided to seek out a patchwork one.

I found the cap pictured below, made of eight separate scraps of tweed, from an Irish seller on eBay. The seller’s caps are new and $45ish shipped. Search “tweed cap” on eBay (searching “patchwork” yields fewer results) and you’ll find quite a few options. Or try “patchwork cap” at Google Shopping.

Brooks’ current patchwork cap is here.

Warning: Patching has been a big part of the PITA trend the past few seasons, and is now branching out from madras and other spring/summer items to fall and winter stuff. Someone may think you’re trendy. On the other hand, next year someone may think you’re out of fashion. So either proceed undaunted or wait until 2016.

Also below is a shot of a patchwork cap in action. The model is Karl-Edwin Guerre, who runs the blog Swagger 360.

At Fashion Week last winter, shortly after having moved to New York, I arrived at the venue and in five seconds Guerre comes up to me and says, “Hey man, can I take your picture?”

That was easy, I thought. Now where’s Scott Schuman?

Ultimately Guerre never ran the photo, which is probably a good thing. — CC