Budget-Conscious Lands’ End Patch-Pocket Herringbone

If you’re a trad on a budget and want some “Take Ivy” jacket details but can’t afford RL/Rugby prices, take a look at these two jackets by Lands’ End with a student/professor vibe and cheap tuition.

Above is a herringbone sportcoat that was on sale last week for about $165 (it’s currently back up to $199). Although it’s two button and darted, rather than the purer three button and undarted, you get patch pockets and a completely unpadded shoulder.

Being a sucker for patch pockets and a herringbone collector, I gave the jacket a try but was forced to reject it. Despite how the jacket looks in the photo, the lapels are a standard 3.5 inches — too wide for me and my number-one dealbreaker — and the patch breast pocket annoyed me more than I thought it would.

But to each his own, and I wanted to alert those of you looking for traditional styling on the cheap. I can vouch that the shoulder has no padding, though I don’t think this jacket is tailored enough to deserve the term “natural shoulder,” which is why I said “unpadded.”

The same cut is also available in corduroy and comes in the colors “French walnut” and “green fig,” clearly indicating that a woman is writing your menswear product descriptions. — CC

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  1. I picked up one of these bad boys a few weeks ago, and I’m generally happy with it. Like Christian said, if have sufficient money and an eye for detail, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. But I have neither of those things, and got sick of losing on eBay sizing gambles. So I’m happy with the purchase.

  2. What type of vent do these jackets have? I seem to recall reading in the catalog that they were double vented? Potential deal-breakers abound….

  3. Single. I wouldn’t have called it “Take Ivy” if it was double.

  4. “Trad on a budget” pretty much describes you and your aspiring acoloytes, doesn’t it?

    “Fake” Ivy is more like it.


  5. Not a bad deal fror someone just starting out with a budget. Nothing wrong with a two-button, center vent coat, with topstitching included.

  6. Russell Street's Mother | November 14, 2011 at 11:09 am |


    What is “fake Ivy”?

    Look how “falsely” he wears that shirt!
    Can’t you see how ridiculous that sounds? How small, sad and petty you sound…

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