Ethan Hawke’s Chet Biopic And Holiday Trumpet Fanfare


Last night on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show,” actor Ethan Hawke, whom Tradsville knows for his early role in “Dead Poets Society,” discussed his upcoming Chet Baker biopic.

Unfortunately, as with the long-gestating Miles Davis project headed by Don Cheadle, the film will focus on the jazz musician’s later years, not the years when he would don elements of the Ivy League Look.

I’ve a special fondness for Baker. Not only am I a fan of his music, but he plays a small role in the creation of

When I interviewed Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop for the Ralph Lauren Magazine story entiteld “Ivy League Jazz,” which inspired me to found this website, Charlie talked about Chet, whom he befriended and provided with clothing. Later I interviewed Charlie on Chet at length for a piece for The Rake.

Now for some yuletide trumpet fanfare. Here’s Baker doing “Silent Night”:

And here’s Miles with a 1962 hepcat’s take on Christmas, complete with animation and cynical lyrics about “all the waste, all the sham, all the haste — and plain ol’ bad taste”:

And finally, just so the squares don’t feel left out… — CC

5 Comments on "Ethan Hawke’s Chet Biopic And Holiday Trumpet Fanfare"

  1. amazing musician, troubled soul

  2. Bags' Groove | December 4, 2014 at 8:15 am |

    Blue Xmas gets a big thumbs up from this cat. Nice Shorter solo, even if it could have been one by Coltrane.
    But Miles was a cool cat, surely…

  3. Miles David talking about “bad taste”…well it takes one to know one.

  4. Sorry, Davis, not David. I cannot type.

  5. Well Davis presumably didn’t write the words.

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