Bits At Burdine’s: The Squire Shop, 1968

A couple of weeks ago we posted a collection of vintage Dexter advertisements, and here’s an interesting follow up. In 1968, as the Ivy League Look was plummeting in popularity, the shoe that would cement itself as a preppy staple in the 1970s was gradually garnering greater attention.

The above ad is from The Palm Beach Post and plugs the Squire Shop, the in-store campus shop of Florida department store chain Burdine’s. Here Dexter bit loafers are paired with Gant buttondowns and a Hunter Haig three-piece sack suit in the ’60s Ivy palette of gray and olive.

Bit loafers may be a common sight today in Palm Beach; three-piece sack suits not so much. — CC

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  1. Details about the Gant “Hugger” (slim-fit):

  2. Some would argue that it was the bit loafers and the slim Hugger shirts that marked the decline of Ivy League style.

  3. Philly Trad, thanks for the link. I have to admit that bit loafers have been growing on me. When I told my girlfriend that, she replied, “You don’t wear jewelry.”

  4. Haven’t been to Florida for at least 20 years, but I recall being in a Burdine’s in Miami in 1973 while visiting my uncle. I bought a wool gray tweed hat, similar to a Hanna Irish Walker, for the astronomical price of $ 3. I thought it quite odd that a winter hat like that would be sold in such a warm climate. Maybe that’s why it was $ 3.

    Just found my patchwork Hanna Walker that I bought 30 or so years ago. Smashed and bent up, I wore it playing golf today. I think I’ll wear it for the winter, if I don’t get too many negative comments, I’ll order a new one next winter.


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