Dig It: Dexter Shoe Ads, ’65-’68

This may look like a penny loafer graveyard, but the Dexter shoe is apparently alive and well (sort of). Though the company doesn’t have much of an online presence, there’s a 1957 collection, named for the year of its founding, available from Shoeline.com.

The above ad is from 1965. Below is one from 1966, which features some handsome tassel moccasins as well as those ghastly Venetian loafers, which are like a face with the eyes, nose and mouth missing:

But the Ivy heyday was coming to an end, and by 1967, foreshadowed by the previous graveyard imagery, the Ivy League Look was roasting on a funeral pyre:

So in 1968 the company went international. No more penny, tassel and beefroll moccasins; now there’s just a single bit loafer:

You can see where this is headed. Fast forward to 1971, when the ad design — as well as Dexter shoes — would look radically different. — CC

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  1. Peter Max. Ugh.

  2. Remember the good old days when you could go into any men’s shoe store and actually find something you like? These days you have to know where to go to find classic styles.
    Very sad, unless of course you like shoe styles that Alladin wears!

  3. “…as well as those ghastly Venetian loafers, which are like a face with the eyes, nose and mouth missing.”

    Could not agree more. I feel the same way about Macs with covered buttons.

  4. Funeral Pyre, 1967, They must have been inspired by….The Doors?

  5. In reality, if not in their advertisments, Dexter still produced classic loafers until well towards the advent of the current century. They only added new styles to their range, they never dropped the originals.

  6. Dexter is still carried by Payless and though their current offerings are beyond hideous, they did make a decent slip on a few years back:

  7. Payless bought the rights to the name and logo otherwise no connection.

  8. If i remember correctly, Dexter was cutting edge, well if you wanted neolite sole loafers.

  9. I like the look, but I really like the price of the 1957 Collection Tassels. I wonder what the quality is like? Anyone?

  10. http://www.shoeline.com/brand/dexter1957.asp

    They are still available, albeit in limited sizes.

  11. Love the old Dexter penny loafers.,especially with white socks.Now wear Bass Weejun penny loafers.Always looking to buy vintage ones in a size 13,John on 302-226-5505

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