Women’s Ivy: Five Mother’s Day Gift Suggestions She Will Actually Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, May 14th, for those who need a reminder). I’ve always found gift-giving for this holiday particularly difficult. How can a mere gift show your mother, or the mother figures in your life, how much you appreciate them? Today in the Women’s Ivy column, I’m sharing five gifts the women in your lives will love and cherish long after the holiday. (And if you happen to be shopping for other occasions, you can read my go-to gift guide for men here on Ivy Style, and find a very extensive gift guide for everyone on my blog.)

Tickets for a Special Event

My mother’s birthday often fell on Mother’s Day, so finding a good present was doubly hard! One year I bought us tickets to see Fleetwood Mac in concert and that evening was perhaps our most memorable shared experience. They were one of her favorite bands and happened to be playing nearby on May 10th–the day of her birthday and Mother’s Day. For the rest of her life she talked about that concert any time we heard a Fleetwood Mac song play–she’d even tell strangers if one came on while we were at the grocery store!

A Silk Scarf

While in some ways this amounts to the female equivalent of receiving a tie, silk scarves are wonderful gifts because they are so versatile. Whether you have a uniform or a varied wardrobe, a scarf can add a nice touch to any outfit. In addition to Hermès, I love the offerings from Janie Kruse Garnett and Grey Hall Design, and eagerly await By Merryn’s new silk scarves.

A silk scarf is a timeless choice for a gift and can be worn with anything.

A Pearl Necklace

For a very special Mother’s Day gift, a piece of jewelry is an excellent choice… as long as it’s the right piece. Here’s a tip–I don’t know any woman who likes heart-shaped jewelry. Look for something classic, like a pearl necklace, instead. Pearls may not feel specific to Mother’s Day, but I promise you this gift will be worn often. This is the necklace I have; it’s a timeless piece that has been worn for decades, first by my mother and now by me. For a more budget-friendly option, try a pearl pendant necklace, like these two from Tiffany’s.

An Enamel Box to Start or Add to a Collection

My grandmother had a large collection of beautiful enamel boxes marking nearly every occasion. Giving your loved one such a box is a wonderful way to start or add to a collection. Scully & Scully has a large selection, and they have several specific to Mother’s Day.

A “Forever” Piece of Clothing

My approach to gift-giving is to select a practical yet luxurious item the recipient wouldn’t usually buy for themselves. Some of the things I’ve loved to give are elegant pajamas, a beautiful robea new favorite sweater, and cashmere socks. It shows that you understand your loved one’s taste, and isn’t that a good way to show you care about them?

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Sarah Cooney

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  1. Hi,

    I like your suggestions.

    I have never met a woman who doesn’t appreciate a quality candle as a gift. The key word is “quality” as many drug store candles create air pollution from paraffin wax and synthetic candles.

  2. I meant to say synthetic fragrance.

  3. So many gift guides online are littered with gadgets and trinkets and nominally-useful things that are quickly forgotten in junk drawers and basements. It’s genuinely refreshing to see such a thoughtfully curated selection of useful indulgences, memory makers, and small heirloom-worthy luxuries. These are the real deal, and the kinds of gifts I’d like to give more of. May is a tricky month for me in this regard — not only is there Mothers Day, but also there are five birthdays in my immediate family to figure out. Oh, and my niece is graduating high school.
    Anyway, thank you Sarah for the terrific suggestions here and those on your own site.

  4. My mom, age 87, does not need anything. Instead every year I take her out for lunch at a nice restaurant. We have one on one time alone. We may window shop, go for late coffee or have her ring prongs checked at the jeweler. I do whatever she has put off and would like to do.
    My mom lives over an hour away so this is a treat for both of us.

  5. My father’s birthday, also my grandparent’s anniversary, often fell on Mother’s Day, May 11th; those were the very best celebrations! Always appreciate your lovely suggestions, and a forever item is so well named, and very well received! Happy Mother’s Day!

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