Unbuttoned: An Interview With David Mercer

david mercer

The Finnish menswear site Keikari recently profiled David Mercer of Mercer & Sons, maker of traditional buttondown oxfords. David talks about life, the shirt business, and clothing that’s built to last:

I believe strongly that clothes you buy should last forever. I wear old Peal & Co. shoes I bought in the ’60s and ’70s, a Norman Hilton sport coat from the ’70s, the blue blazer from my wedding day almost 30 years ago, khakis, a belt from the ’60s, and a grey wool and nailhead suit from Brooks in the early ’80s. Good, well made classic clothing should last forever. Always easy to dandy up things up a bit with a new shirt, a colorful tie and some interesting socks.

Head over here for the full story. — c C m

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  1. A man to be deeply admired.

  2. seems like he has lived a life and built a business the right way

  3. D. Lassoff | June 21, 2013 at 12:17 pm |

    I ordered a shirt from Mr. Mercer once. The shirt didn’t come on the promised date. I understood his shirts are custom made and take some time to make, but it took months longer than what he promised, and date after promised date was missed. I finally cancelled my order, and then he sent it.

  4. Bravo! Continued success Mr. Mercer!

  5. This is great. I have been wanting to get a Mercer & Sons shirt for a while now. Good quality OCBDs are plentiful in Chicago second-hand stores, however. Maybe someday…

  6. I read the entire article; thanks for the link; it was fun to read; what was the name of the small haberdasher in Boston’s finabcial district that his dad liked?

  7. Mr. Lassof is disappointed in Mercer & Sons, and rightly so. However, no one is perfect, and while I’m certain that they lost a customer in Mr. Lassof, their many ardent fans will continue to patronize them for their quality shirts.

    Incidentally, did you look at the shirts in the article? Beautiful. I can’t wait to order some for myself.

  8. I’ve ordered several shirts from Mercer and Sons and the service has been personal and terrific. I’d have ordered more, but the shirts last so long I haven’t had to give them more business. But I’m about to order two more OCBD buttondowns from them on principle. This is the kind of company (along with J.W. Hulme and Quoddy, e.g.) that deserves the support of those who appreciate the classic, the traditional, the real thing.

  9. @ Michael. Hear, hear!!!

  10. I’ve ordered over the years dress and sport shirts from David as well as boxers (replacing zimmerli). I’ve enjoyed them all and would’ve ordered more but after retiring don’t wear my solid color oxfords much at all.

    Vancouver WA

  11. Mercer OCBDs are excellent. Both cloth and tailoring–outstanding.

    As the resident clothing wonk, I’d be interested in whether or not the oft-exalted Troy Guild OCBD figured into the pattern making or perhaps (though unlikely) cloth choices.

  12. NaturalShoulder | June 22, 2013 at 4:07 pm |

    I am a big fan of both the Mercer OCBD and forward point shirts. The quality and selection are great. Plus it is nice to pick up the phone to place an order and speak with David.

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