True Blue: Gant Returns To Yale

Originally founded in New Haven in 1949, Gant is returning to Yale with a “campus store” opening next month, the company announced today. Gant will also recreate “a limited-edition shirt collection featuring the historically significant Yale Co-op label,” set to debut in early 2011.

The shop will be located at 268 York Street and Broadway, next to the original J. Press store. Said the company in a release:

The 2400 square foot Gant Campus Store will be housed within a historic building originally built in 1910 expressly as a men’s clothing store and designed to match Yale’s Collegiate Gothic architectural style. The store concept, unique to New Haven, will have a library feel that pays homage to the brand’s local historical significance and university-centric roots.

“Gant has been woven into the fabric of collegiate life from the very beginning,” said GANT USA CEO Ari Hoffman in the release. “We are actively establishing the brand as the originator of collegiate American style, a legacy that Gant actually created. We have recently rekindled an exciting relationship with our birth city of New Haven and look forward to serving as a community resource for students, faculty, and residents.”

As for the capsule Co-op collection, Gant had this to say:

The Yale Co-op was incorporated in 1892 and served as a popular meeting place and general store of good and services for students until its closing in 2000. The Gant Campus Store’s Yale Co-op capsule collection will feature recreated OCBD (oxford cloth button-down) designs from the brand’s core collegiate-based replenishment program from the late 1960s. The 100% cotton semi-lightweight oxford cloth improves upon the original poly-blend fabric with great care given to washing and finishes. Packaging will feature a replicated ‘stand up pack’ that is neatly pressed and folded to original specifications. The shirt label will also stay true to the original, with the Yale Co-Op logo in blue, and the GANT Campus Store logo beneath. Distribution will be limited at first to New Haven and company owned Gant stores in New York, with e-commerce availability in US, UK, and Sweden. The collection will be rolled out to the full Gant global network of stores in fall 2011.

Real heritage is more than just talking about when your company was founded, or sticking the word in front of product names. Real heritage is taking action, and Gant should be applauded for returning to the town of its origins. — CC

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  1. This is kind of a big deal.

  2. Neat.

    Glad to see there will be a website prior to the fall ’11 rollout.

  3. This is worth flying up to CT in March — especially to get those Co-op shirts. That building has so many memories. That corner of York and Broadway is renowned! If they could just put the Yankee Doodle back in its rightful place – all would be right in New Haven.

  4. HRH The Duke of Windsor | October 11, 2010 at 4:27 pm |

    I’ll be more impressed if they manage to raise the quality of their offerings. It’s been a long time since I looked to Gant for anything.

  5. Very cool. Thanks for the head’s up!

  6. I used to wear Gant but I was in Mpls. and the nearest BB was in Chicago. Did anyone voluntarily wear these things? I remember a loop–was there also a button on the back of the collar? Cross-stitch on the buttons? Or was that Sero, which seemed a better, more desirable brand. But this was like 670 years ago.

  7. I recently unloaded a few never-worn 80’s era Gant “club-oxford” from my father (and proudly sport them on with Weejuns on campus.) It’s nice to see Gant going back to it’s true-roots in CT. Wish more brands would follow this brilliant example (i.e. Abercrombie & Fitch, Izod)

  8. Funny! I recently found a tie from the Yale Co-op on Ebay…

  9. I have some nice OLD things by Gant. I hope they return to what they once were. One thing that goes unmentioned here is place of manufacture: any chance of the label saying, “Made in the U.S.A.”

  10. Christian:

    I laud Gant’s attempt at rekindling their relationship with New Haven, but I am a bit suspect of their overly nostalgic overtones. I’d feel better if the Co-op came back as it once was, instead of its current iteration as a Barnes and Noble outpost.

    One thing did make me smile though. If you go to Gant’s website, they have put several “old” photos, which I’m sure are there to illustrate their “trad” roots in New Haven (and Yale). Yet one of the photos is of J. Press in Cambridge, MA. Great job by their proofreaders!

  11. Vern Trotter | October 14, 2010 at 9:39 am |

    I suspect this will be another Tommy Hilfiger copy like the one on Fifth Avenue. I remember their old plant (?) off the Interstate in New Haven.

    It would be better if they were part of the Coop. B&N has ruined it as have they the Harvard Coop and many other college bookstores, including the best one anywhere, the Boston University bookstore, also owners of a dozen other college bookstores in New England.

  12. Sure it’s really a big chain masquerading as a quaint Indy. I like that they care enough to cater to this market niche though. If its not patronized, though, how long before someone opens a traditional men’s store in New Haven?

  13. Dave Ryan – Re: the The old Press photos – Gant used to make the private label shirts for J.Press which is probably why that photo was included.

  14. Nicolas d'Landon | October 30, 2010 at 11:45 am |

    Of the more prized items in my wardrobe are two older Gant shirts. I love the colours and the button on the back of the colar. My favourite aspect of those Gant shirts is the sleaves. They are straight sleaves, and do not have pleats. I hate pleats.

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