Tonight, J. Press Presents Ivy-Style: The Podcast

So a few things.  First, a giant thank you.  This podcast was supposed to get going earlier but family medical stuff made that impossible.  But the advertisers and sponsors have been just amazing and understanding. I will be at J. Press in Manhattan at around 5, we get going around 6, wrap it up around

J. Press Presents…

The first Ivy-Style Podcast.  I am so jazzed (see what I did there?) to be the host of the very first Ivy-Style podcast, at J. Press Manhattan, with no less than Richard Press as my first guest.  And you can be there.  First, if you are not on their email list, do yourself a favor

Ok, If The Tryptophan Has Worn Off, Start Shopping.

That tryptophan thing, according to the Sleep Foundation, is a myth. Two sales that look very good I wanted to bring to your attention: First, Jay Butler is running 20% OFF sitewide…  you want to take a look.  If you want to see Ivy applications of these great shoes, go here.  I have had them

Grandpacore For The Holidays

Editor’s Note:  Very grateful this Thanksgiving for all of you, and for Mitchell, the author of this post. Very recently, the internet was buzzing over a photo of supermodel “it girl” Gigi Hadid wearing what fashion editors dubbed “Grandpacore”. The overall aesthetic (I know John hates that term) is retro, yet thoroughly cutting-edge contemporary, and

Threading The Needle Too

Yes, it’s a book about clothes but it is written by, as G. Bruce Boyer said on this site, “… a national treasure.”  So while the clothes matter, the voices are the joy of Threading The Needle II, available here, by Richard Press.  And this book is FULL of joy.   If you are in

The Next Tie You Buy…

Meet Paul Carsola.  He served from 1991 to 2015.  ” I was 4 years active Army, 3 years Army Reserve, and 17 years Air Force National Guard.”     Mr. Carsola did me the favor of showing me Medals Of America.  The company was founded in 1976, and today is led by Lee Foster, who

Ivy-Style Facebook Group Reaches 9,000 Vetted Members.

This week the Ivy-Style FB group reached a milestone – 9,000 members. All interacting, supporting, admiring, laughing, buying, learning. I got a note the other day that is “the most civilized corner of the internet” and I would include our FB group in that corner. There are two moderators who work every day to

Ivy Notes S2 E5 (did I get that right Dean?)

(That’s Cornell in the photo.) My first interview with Richard Press is in the top 5 global podcast ranking for both #talk and #interview.  (source:  M-X Radio).  Tell me again that Ivy is dead?   You can listen to the show here if you haven’t already.     The Amazing Tom sent me this collaboration

The Wrap Up Post

Editor’s note: after the show I typically do a wrap up post on FB, but since this was Richard Press, I thought it would make sense to publish it here as well. If you have not heard my first interview with Richard, you can listen to it here. Again, and please read this line before

Richard Press On Home From Here.

The blurb: Episode 17 John talks to Richard Press, a friend of Frank Sinatra, who sings Jimmy Durante and Al Jolson, and who is a gifted storyteller who also happens to be the “patriarch of the most important family in men’s traditional fashion.’ The show opens with a Springsteen cover, the Richard takes us from

No Picture

The Show Was Amazing – And…

We got some family secrets, Richard sang, and explained how he at 85 is still cool to teenagers. Editing now, will post link tomorrow. Some of your questions made it. Also, the Ivy-Style podcast, being organized, will have the balance of your fashion related questions for sure. Richard is an amazing guy.

Threading The Needle II – Your Questions Please

Editor’s Note: Home From Here is a talk show that is NOT fashion centered, I will get your fashion questions on the Ivy-Style podcast, this show is more about Richard Press “the person.” Any questions you have in that regard are greatly appreciated. This Friday Richard Press will appear on Home From Here. This is

J Crew’s November Collection – Momentum

That’s Yale in the fall. The Amazing Tom sent me an article from the NY Times (PAYWALL I THINK) about J Crew and Brendon Babenzien. The article isn’t all that remarkable, but, to borrow from Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, “However, the directive having come from the Commander, I gave it its due

Ivy Notes S2-E4

Our own Marc Chevalier gives us a bit of Ivy Trivia: “… here is how all Brooks Brothers OCBD shirts were designed before Garfinckel’s took over Brooks Brothers in 1946. All were in a pullover style, with four front buttons only, and a fifth buttonhole (larger than the four above it) to secure the shirt

Inside Out.

Editor’s Note:  Stokes Schwartz is a writer, educator and podcaster.  You can check him out here.     We talk about clothes and a more refined approach to personal presentation here at Ivy Style.  A lot.  And that’s fine.  But the cut of your suit or blazer, preferred necktie, and shoes are only the tip