The current issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine features a style spread with current undergrads. Two of them are flying the prep flag at full mast.

On the left, Student A juxtaposes green chinos with a look of utmost seriousness, as if to silently say to anyone who would dare raise an eyebrow, “Of course I’m serious.” He also exemplifies Oscar Wilde’s adage that to be premature is to be perfect by donning sockless bit loafers, which, as you know, the “Official Preppy Handbook” deems “strictly post-collegiate.” Finally, the sweater around the neck suggests a semester spent abroad in one of those countries where people actually do that sort of thing.

On the right, Student B also channels old-school prepdom by actually holding together his boat shoes with a piece of duct tape. It’s an ingenious way of undercutting the finery abover the waist, which includes pink shirt, kelly green cable sweater, navy blazer and college scarf.

So, who should be valedictorian of style?