Wooden Acting: Farewell To Martin Landau

Martin Landau died this week at the age of 89. The actor should be familiar to everyone here for his role in the Hitchcock classic “North By Northwest.” In 1995 he won the Best Supporting Actor award for the movie “Ed Wood.”

Landau also starred in the TV series “Mission Impossible,” in which he had a sort of uniform consisting of plaid jacket and ascot (with one too many buttons unfastened on the shirt).

Variety has a fine tribute. — CC

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  1. A wonderful, if sometimes under-appreciated, actor. He lived a good, long life; and did some of his best work in the twilight.

    As the VF article alludes to, if you’ve never seen him as the lead in ‘Crimes & Misdemeanors’, you must. (it also features a great turn by Jerry Orbach as the ‘heavy’).

  2. Correction: Variety, not VF.

  3. One of my favorite details to watch for in Mission: Impossible is how the furnishings and clothes in the ‘apartment scene’ where the IMF discuss the mission are all in shades of black, white & gray. Serves to thematically differentiate that part from the actual mission, and give the characters a sort of ‘uniform’.

  4. roger sack | July 19, 2017 at 8:04 pm |

    If my memory serves me, which it usually does , Landau wore
    2 or 3 eyelet derbies (Bluchers) in North by Northwest. I always
    like the shoes and acquired two pairs from Ludwig Reiter about
    a decade ago. As luck would have it, LR dropped the last ,
    the only one of their lasts that fit me.

  5. Vern Trotter | July 19, 2017 at 11:21 pm |

    Being from New York and starting his acting career in the heyday, it was only natural that he was an Ivy Style dresser. I just read that he was in the same class at The Actor’s Studio with James Dean and Steve McQueen. Refreshing to see these pictures.

    As good a spot as any to relate that I was at 21 last night, the historic Manhattan watering hole and restaurant. A couple of years ago they dropped the necktie requirement. Although I have been there a few times since, I decided to take an informal count of necktie vs. open collar. There were approximately 100 gents present in the downstairs dining room and bar; it was about 50-50. I would say that of those in their 40s and younger, all wore no tie. Those 50 and older all wore ties, as did I, of course. They still have the coat requirement and have a large stash to lend out.

    I wonder, how much is this trend affecting necktie sales?

  6. So many MI cast photos without Peter Graves. Where would we be without Mr. Phelps?

  7. Steven Hill was actually very good in the lead (as Dan Briggs) in the first season, but the showed really gelled when Jim Phelps took over the running of the IMF.

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