Wild Weekend

Version 2

Have a wild holiday weekend — in wild shirts by Gant.

These ads ran in The New Yorker (hardly a periodical aimed at trendy kids) in 1966 and 1967.

The models are surprisingly mature.

You’re only as old as you dress! — CC & CS





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  1. If Bert Pulitzer is out there, didn’t you do some cotton challis foulard button downs in the mid 1970s?

  2. Two of these “Batiste Hopsack” shirts were the highlights of my back-to-school Fall 1966 wardrobe; one was dark red just like the one worn by the man above changing tapes on his reel-to-reel audio recorder (likely a Wollensak or a Tandberg), the other was olive.

    The first day back to class I wore the olive Batiste over a pair of white Levis. Exactly fifty years ago this month. Doesn’t seem that long ago…

  3. Charlottesville | September 4, 2016 at 4:08 pm |

    Thanks, Christian for finding these great old ads. I am sure that one of my older brothers had something along those lines circa 1966 or so.

  4. FYI the $8-$9 per shirt prices quoted in the ads are equivalent to $60.80-$68.40 in 2016 dollars.

  5. James, there’s some poetry in that brief post of yours. Email me if you’d like to expand it into a post.

    And everyone else should consider contributing to a new series we could do this month called “Back To School Memories.”

  6. Yes, we did wear ascots under open-necked button down collar shirts. I still do, with OCBDs

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