Drake’s Debuts Ultra-Premium, Unfused Oxford With Third Button


The Ivy heyday may be long gone, but we’re truly living in a golden age of the oxford-cloth buttondown. There are so many options currently available that all you need to do is set your budget and priorities and there should be plenty to choose from.

For those with bulbous budgets — or collectors willing to scrimp and save to have an oxford from every maker — there’s a new kid on the block. Drake’s, the venerable English maker of fine neckwear, is expanding into a full collection. It also just opened a temporary shop in New York, where you’ll find Belvest-made tweeds, as well as shirts and trousers made in Drake’s own factory in Somerset.

Among those shirt offerings are some oxford-cloth buttondowns priced at $175, or three for $395, which doesn’t sound so bad. They come in three basic flavors — white, blue, and university stripe — but there are some details to geek out over.

For starters, there’s a rear collar button. The collar itself is lined but unfused, and with a measurement of 3.75 inches provided ample roll action when I tried it on both with and without a necktie.

drakes (1)

The fabric is mid-weight and leans more toward the luxurious than the beefy. There are two fit options. I tried on the regular and thought it fit and felt fantastic.

A company spokesman told me Drake’s really worked hard on the shirt and went through several versions in an effort to get it right. Here are more details from the company’s website:

• Button down collar
• Brushed interlining on collar and cuffs
• Single, round, one-button cuff
• Pen pocket
• Split yoke, box pleat and loop
• 18L buttons, and 16L on collar
• Self gussett
• 100% Cotton
• Made in England

The company doesn’t look like it’s set up for US e-commerce, so if you’re interested, click on the above link to the New York shop and give them a call. — CC


14 Comments on "Drake’s Debuts Ultra-Premium, Unfused Oxford With Third Button"

  1. “Drake’s, the venerable English maker of fine Devil Dogs and Ring Dings.” (sorry: it’s Friday, I’m a little punchy, and the martini glass is still in the freezer getting cold)

  2. @Paul that gave me a good chuckle, happy Friday.

  3. @Christian what is a “brushed interlining on collar”? Sounds like the collar is lined, expect it says “on collar”. I’m confused.

  4. James Nowlan Fowler | September 3, 2016 at 2:23 am |

    No pink?!?!?

  5. I, living in London, have worn Drake’s OCBDs for awhile now and can say they feel perfect. The roll varies between shirts, they are handmade after all, and some have a more bulbous shape. The lighter blue is especially nice with grey flannels. I was in J Press Cambridge recently and they only have the stiff fused versions. When the Brits do American Trad better than the Americans.

  6. William Richardson | September 3, 2016 at 8:06 am |

    Got to love the Drake


  7. The distance between the top, i.e collar and the next button appears to be far too great, creating an unsightly spread after a while for those
    of us who haven’t been blessed with long necks.

  8. Thank god we’re living in a golden age of buttondowns and every man can find one that checks off his priorities!

  9. A Bridge too Far | September 4, 2016 at 10:14 am |

    I’ve always loved Ring Dings, so I will give their shirts a try (isn’t that great logic).

    I’ve been buying OCBDs from Michael-Spencer lately and find them to be ideal for me. I am hoping they will expand their offerings beyond solids and uni-stripes. Mercer, of course, is another great option.

    It’s great that we have so many options. Now, if they just made an OCBD with a fur collar they could be in the WSJ.

  10. @Christian Again, what is a “brushed interlining on collar”? Sounds like the collar is lined, expect it says “on collar”. I’m still confused.

  11. I don’t know. Use their website to call or write.

  12. Oh, I thought they would have told you.

  13. Bags' Groove | September 6, 2016 at 1:32 pm |

    But oh for a meaningful return of the tab. My hope is that Kamakura will eventually produce one in Big Apple size…and for a nominal 79 dollars. Should one emerge from Drake’s West Country manufactory it will, in all probability, run contrary to my pricing principles.

  14. I own several Drakes shirts purchased years ago when Barney’s
    sold them in the US. They have held up extremely well, I have
    noticed that the current Drakes English style shirts are made in Italy.
    This lot is supposed to be made in England
    I do not wear OCBDs, but do wear oxford cloth shirts

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