14 Comments on "Watch Out! A Gallery Of Ivy Style Readers’ Timepieces"

  1. I’ve been off the grid for the last few days, so I missed the call for this; however, not nearly as many striped watchbands as I would have thought there’d be.

  2. Regarding the fellow with the, I think, twenty five watches, boy, that’s a lot of watches. Kind of smacks of Muffy stockpiling. She writes about white flannel sheets today. Then again, I do have ten blue and gold repp ties in my closet.



  3. That first jacket! Years ago Press had a Christmas special where you gave them $500 or $1000 and they sent you a multiple of that amount in clothing they selected. My son the 40 regular received the most beautiful suit and odd jacket in his box. I received the size 46 in the first photo and it gets one airing a year.

    However I wish they’d do it again.

  4. Will, leave Muffy alone, we all overstock the basics round here! 😉

  5. @Will

    It’s a smattering of a few that I’ve had for 20+ years…Gruen, LLBean field watch, Seiko, and Swatch, as well as quite a few, mostly Bulovas and Hamiltons I’ve picked up off eBay…sadly, about 1/3 or so are in need of repair or at least a good cleaning and tuning.

    The Mark XII on the wrist was the most recent acquisition (not off eBay) and also the reason there’s no money for repair, cleaning, and tuning of all the rest.

    A couple are also worn with NATO bands, a Hamilton (sadly also needing attention now) and the LLBean (has become my primary, daily driver)….a few grossgrain from BB, but mostly nylon off eBay, which I highly, highly recommend… cheap as chips and as long as they’re in stock, color combos to your heart’s content, and enough vendors that you can usually find the colors you want, even if not all from the same vendor.

  6. Shucks, I don’t have the Facebook. Thanks for sharing. Some decent watch porn there.

    I sheepishly felt the same regarding my stockpiling. 15 new BB shirts because…well, they had their sale.

  7. Thanks for sharing them with us, and all that, but all those shirt and jacket cuffs only detracted from the tick-tocks.

  8. Eric Twardzik | November 20, 2017 at 9:06 am |

    Enormous shout-out to the owner of that Goldwater poster in the first image.

  9. *sees apple watch*


  10. The main surprise was the number of vintage Omegas.

  11. JTH:

    The issue I have with the Apple Watch is the wearer’s choice of case and strap. Neither the ‘Space Grey’ case nor the plastic strap are in any way complimentary to a traditionally Ivyesque wardrobe.

  12. Really great watches, and coats and cuffs to accompany them. The stainless Cartier seems entirely too big for the classy jacket and shirt.

    The first photo with the houndstooth jacket and the blue stripe OCBD seems a bit wild. Back in the day, someone would have commented negatively; happened to me, when I wore a plaid pair of pants, and a stripe shirt.

    I’m partial to tank watches. The rectangular Omega gets my vote for favorite.

  13. Omega Speedmaster my favorite by far. What mountains are in the background?


  14. Don’t quite understand how one watch is more Ivy than the next, but love this post and the watch porn, even the Apple Watch. I’m just glad no one posted a watch on top of the shirt, a la Agnelli. Good lord, is there anything more pretentious than that?

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