There’s A ‘Sucker Worn Every Minute

Yesterday was National Seersucker Day, which began on Capitol Hill as “Seersucker Thursday.” It went on in DC as usual, with Senator Dianne Feinstein grabbing the spotlight. There aren’t any noteworthy photos of Congressmen worth running.

So instead we’ll jump in our sartorial time machine and journey back to May of 1961, when Esquire called seersucker a club-and-campus favorite.

Here’s another shot from the same photo spread, starring the amusing Gig Young and the alluring Elizabeth Montgomery:

Yesterday I sported my seersucker jacket for the first time this season, pairing it with black-and-blue knit tie and blue pinpoint buttondown. Brought me almost as much pleasure as the fall’s first wearing of tweed.

Head over here to get access to the Esquire archives. — CC

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  1. Caustic Man | June 9, 2017 at 12:41 pm |

    Was my first wearing of seersucker as well. The wonderful thing about having four seasons is that just when you get tired of wearing one kind of thing, it’s time to wear another kind of thing. ☺️

  2. Coincidence, I just got a seersucker suit a while ago. Interesting.

  3. Alright, so this post stirred up an old debate in my househole: a few years back, I found a pink (!) seersucker sport coat at a BB outlet; I wanted it, but my better-half talked me out of it, saying I’d only wear it once or twice a year, blah-blah-blah. Of course I’ve pined for it ever since. I’m thinking about a new potential purchase for the summer: it’s a bit of a novelty, but kind of fun, and the wife is – again – telling me it’s a bad idea: the folks at our pool won’t get the ‘joke’, they’ll think I’m a giant douchebag, etc.. I’m soliciting opinions from this fine group. Here it is:

  4. *household

  5. Paul, your wife is right in both cases. You’re a lucky man.

  6. She also once talked me out of a 350hp V8 Benz wagon; I could have done burnouts in the drop-off line at school; instead we got the bland-but-practical SUV.

  7. Rick Woodward | June 9, 2017 at 4:53 pm |

    Paul, GS is right about the Bask jacket. The pink seersucker jacket at the right price would have been sweet. Pine away.

  8. John Carlos | June 9, 2017 at 5:07 pm |

    Paul, if you’re still in the market for a pink seersucker jacket, O’Connell’s offers one but not at BB outlet price.

  9. JC: thanks for the heads-up! O’Connell’s may benefit from my lack of initiative years ago.

  10. Paul…get the towel blazer. It will bring you such joy.

  11. Paul

    Get both of them. You only live once.

  12. Haha, househole. GS, I like your comment… for once! H. Korn, I like your suggestion. Paul, go get the jackets and the V8.

  13. Thanks, Ol Nipply. 😉

  14. The pink seersucker jacket, yes. The tiny robe: db. And I don’t mean double-breasted.

  15. Whether the pink seersucker sport coat clears the douchebag hurdle would be dependent on what you wear it with. The French Blue shirt shown with it on O’Connell’s site tones it down quite nicely. Add a navy knit tie, and you’d be Mr. Suave. Too many pastels and you risk looking like an ice cream salesman.

    Note: old money and landed gentry traditionally refer to a Mercedes-Benz as a “Merc.” Conversely, the diminutive “Benz” is generally used by nouveau riche, reality TV denizens and others new to the brand. Never call a Merc a Benz while wearing a pink sport coat, some cantankerous old guy my age might “accidently” bump you into the pool!

  16. Please tell me how to pronounce “Merc” so that I can pretend that I’m not from Southern California.
    Is the “c” pronounced “s” or “k”, i.e., “Mers” or “Merk”?

  17. @JamesKraus: as neither “old money” nor “nouveau riche”, my sorrow/regret at not buying that car has nothing to do with what I would have called it (or worrying what old farts would think of what I called it).

  18. I don’t know about this “Merc” business. It seems to me referring to your car as anything but a “car” screams lower middle class.

  19. whiskeydent | June 12, 2017 at 10:04 am |


    This is a “go to hell” decision. If you have the big, GTH personality to match it, get the pink jacket. If, however, you’re worried you’d look like a DB, don’t. It’s all about confidence.

    You also have to consider whether your wife’s practical advice is really a mask for just hating it. This, of course, is a frequent marital hazard, the kind I utterly failed at traversing

    There is no saving the second jacket. It’s a perfect DB uniform and would get you beat up in most parts of Texas.

  20. “You also have to consider whether your wife’s practical advice is really a mask for just hating it.”

    This is spot on. Especially in conjunction with the “only once or twice a year” comment: how many pairs of shoes or whatever does she have that are LUCKY to get worn once a year? And she probably overpaid for those.

    If the price was right, then once or twice a year is plenty, especially if it is classic.

    I’d be more of a fan of the towel blazer if it weren’t over-logoed.

  21. Charlottesville | June 12, 2017 at 12:35 pm |

    I have a pink BB seersucker 3/2 jacket that I bought in their New Orleans store 15 or more years ago. While I may only wear it once a year or so, I still enjoy it. Like madras coats or trousers, the rest of the outfit needs to be very toned down or, as Mr. Kraus said, one might look like an ice cream man or Herb Tarlek of WKRP (for anyone old enough to recall 70’s TV). I note that I saw a heyday era pink linen 3/2 sack from Brooks on eBay a few weeks ago. Alas, it was a 43L, or might have had another GTH jacket to wear once a year.

  22. Thank you gentlemen for all your input – it’s very much appreciated.

    I will say that the “once-or-twice-a-year” argument has gone by the boards in my house. Something only worn once or twice a year still has value – and maybe even more so, since it feels more special: the four-panel wide-wale corduroys, the bright red camel hair sport-coat at Christmas; etc.

    I actually didn’t mind the logo on the terry cloth blazer – it’s a monkey drinking a martini. But the jacket does edge close to, if not over, the line between GTH and DB. I’ve overtly suggested it to the kids as a Father’s Day gift; if they don’t come through, I’ll give it further consideration …

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