The Snow-Covered Campus


 Inspired by our frigid Northeastern temperatures, I performed a Google search for snowy campuses and found some lovely images. Forget the crappy, icy, snowy mess outside your door and daydream over the beauty of snow-covered traditional architecture at institutions of higher learning.

Above, UVA. Below, Brown:


Wake Forest:

wake forest

Boston College:

boston college




Penn State:

penn state







University of Michigan:

Housing, Toni Voss



University of Rochester:


Notre Dame:

notre dame



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  1. Duke has quite the dramatic entry. All of them are gorgeous with the exception of MIT–that dome on top throws the whole thing off, but that’s my opinion.

  2. Although snow at Duke doesn’t happen often, it’s certainly a beautiful setting.

    By the way, the “snow” shown in the photo at Wake Forest — also a very picturesque campus — is actually toilet paper. It’s a long-time tradition to “roll the quad” after big wins in basketball and football.

    Washington and Lee’s Colonnade and Lee Chapel in the snow is very nice too.

  3. The Wake Forest picture is pretty funny. Real snow is probably somewhat rare down there.

    One of the more impressive campus buildings around is at Pitt:

  4. Hilarious! That’s probably my favorite one!

  5. At Cornell, snow is the rule rather than the exception for a large part of the year, and a snow-covered campus is just called “the campus”. You get to a point where you don’t even notice any more – it’s as unremarkable as rain.

  6. Beloit College, founded in 1848 by Yale men:

  7. Typo–Beloit College was founded in 1846.

  8. Charlottesville | February 18, 2015 at 2:45 pm |

    Thanks, Christian, and welcome back to the internet after yesterday’s hiatus. Lovely photos. The combination of snow and academic architecture, much of it neo-gothic, makes for a delightful series. It would be difficult to choose a favorite. For parochial reasons, I am especially fond of the first view, which I saw this morning on my way to work. I am also grateful to J. Bennet for the shot of my alma mater W&L in the snow. The toilet paper snow at Wake Forest, however, is truly sui generis.

  9. @JGH – so, how do they pronounce “Beloit” – do they Anglicize it the same way “Detroit” is Anglicized, or is it given a more Frenchified rendition?

  10. There may be prettier snow scenes on the U of Wisconsin campus, but probably none that captures the spirit (values?) of the place better than this one:

  11. @cameron, it is pronounced like Detroit. But Beloiters often refer to it lovingly as Bel-wah.

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