The Red Sweater


I turned on the debate last night for 30 seconds before switching it off to watch my DVD from Netflix, which, by bizarre coincidence, was “The Fall Of The Roman Empire.”

So this morning I awoke to an email from Ivy Style contributor James Kraus. Apparently it doesn’t take much to distinguish oneself sartorially these days, as a member of the debate audience had charmed the weary nation with his red cable-knit sweater. It went viral, and just as I got the idea to do a post, I see everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and GQ has managed to track down the exact sweater.

Although my photographic memory for photos is not as encyclopedic as our own Chris Sharp’s, I immediately thought of the guy above from the movie “Making The Grade.” So buy a red sweater and cheer up your fellow Americans. You could also go for a scarlet waistcoat, which were popular during the ’50s and ’60s and always show up on characters like Gig Young in “That Touch Of Mink.” David Hyde Pierce wears one in the ’60s spoof “Down With Love.” — CC

Come to think of it, when the weather cooled last week I wore my lavender cashmere cable crew around Manhattan and got a few compliments from strangers, which never happens when I’m wearing understated black and gray Ivy chic. I might just have to scoop up some new sweaters myself. — CC

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  1. Apparently, This fellow is a bit of an interesting dresser. His original plan was to wear his “really nice olive suit” (how many men have one of those these days?), which he was indeed wearing until he split the trousers getting into his car. The now iconic crimson sweater was his emergency backup.

    Already the red version of the cable-knit sweater tracked down by GQ on Amazon is sold out.

  2. Melania trolled trolled the media. Ms. Trump wore a “pussy-bow” Gucci blouse.

  3. @Mac that was great but the highlight was Trump’s zinger: “you’d be in jail” which was met by cheers from the audience much to Trump’s three other debaters chagrin. As for the red sweater fellow he was wearing a quarter zip cable knit, it was nice but I don’t care for quarter zips personally. But he wore a white OCBD but with a white tie and olive pants. He asked a great question though.

  4. If you look up “Midwestern” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Mr. Bone, God bless him. From splitting his pants (and discussing the same on television), to his technologically-confused mother, how can you not love this guy? I think I’m going to re-grow my mustache.

  5. Marc Chevalier | October 10, 2016 at 3:55 pm |

    Wearing one on November 8 might convey a political message. If you don’t want people to think that you’re supporting Trump, then don’t wear it. If you don’t care or are supporting Trump, then wear it by all means.

  6. I thought if you’re supporting Trump you should wear orange.

  7. That’s if you support the Denver Broncos.

  8. I just picked up a bright red Shetland crew neck off eBay; looks almost identical to the one in the picture above. The funny thing to me was the source; it was from The Gap, but was made in England and stated to be knit of Shetland wool. I never knew The Gap to carry such “authentic” items (if I can use that now almost meaningless word). The tag does appear to be circa 1980s, which might explain it.

  9. Bobby Knight sweater

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