While performing a Google Image search for some random terminology recently, I came across an illustration that caught my eye. It turned out to be from an artist named Joe Bowler who made his living in the ’50s and ’60s doing advertising and magazine illustrations.

Quite a few have details that would interest us here, such as the guy above, with buckle-back chinos and rep-striped billfold.

Or this guy, wearing a 3/2 jacket with a tattersall shirt and what is likely a knit tie:

14. Bowler, Joe - Engagement, 1957

Here’s a pink oxford at sea:

Joe Bowler from Paul Mann-sm

And a class sweater:


White tee, khakis and loafers:


And something a bit more formal:




This is from a Saturday Evening Post story called “The Beautiful Beatnik”:


Bowler was born in New York in 1928 and currently resides in South Carolina. He has a website and is apparently available for portrait commissions. He might even make you look as good as these guys. — CC