Frequent comment-leaver Old School alerted us to this 1966 Gant ad, which he’d found on the web but didn’t think had been tumblred to death.

The ad copy attests to correctness of Gant’s oxford buttondowns, including its “casual roll of the collar.”

The ad below, from the previous year is even more verbose:

We chose Gant because they take shirt making seriously. They’re hard to please (like we are) when it comes to fit of collar, its roll, its profile — how much it shows above the suit collar. They’re fastidious about the way the body of the shirt drapes and folds. All must integrate to achieve that viable ingredient which gives comfort and aplomb. In substance, Gant shirts are keyed to the discerning tastes of well groomed men who appreciate quality. These men are our customers.


God/the devil is forever in the details. — c C m