The Hardy North, US-Made Sweaters For Ancient Eight


This week a new start-up called The Hardy North debuted. Founded by three Cornell grads, the brand offers American-made sweaters in school colors and with the year of the institution’s founding on the back. Says a spokesperson:

All the products are made of 100% superfine merino wool that is sourced, sheared, spun, organically dyed, and full-fashion knit in the USA to ensure quality, create domestic jobs, and ensure ethical & responsible production.

Cable-knit crewnecks are priced at $175, and the website hints at more items to come. — CC

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  1. They’re clearly Cornell dudes. The photo of the guy in the Penn sweater appears to have been taken on Cornell’s Arts Quad. And I’d bet a nickel that the shots against the wood-paneled wall were taken in Willard Straight Hall. Interesting idea and I wish them well — those sweaters are quite a bit nicer than anything you can get in the campus stores, at least at Cornell and Harvard. I’m curious to see the rest of their line.

  2. Hi John,

    I am one of the three founders! Thanks for dropping a note. You are spot on with the pictures. The wood-paneled shots were taken in Willard Straight Hall. The idea behind the line follows exactly what you said – most products in college bookstores are OK quality. We wanted to design something that was very high quality with a subtle association to each college. This way the pieces can be integrated into everyday clothing, without being overly emblematic. Our whole collection will be in the Cornell Store soon, as well as on the website!

    Thanks for the support!

    Very best,

  3. You’re welcome, Alex — I’m looking forward to the rest of the line.

    John (Arts ’90)

  4. Nice sweaters, great idea, but I got to ask, do the stripes symbolize sophomore year or two year letter man? 😉

  5. Mac,

    The stripes are there as an accent color with a varsity style. Do you them?

    Thanks for the question!

    Very best,

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  7. Organically dyed……okay

  8. Eliot Spencer | December 12, 2013 at 2:28 pm |

    M Arthur – Is there a point to your post other than to inflame people’s senses? I for one do not take into account whether something is organically dyed when I make a purchase; however, I am not going to fault a company for utilizing organic dyes.

  9. Congrats. May the Hardy North thrive as we did in the hardy New Hampshire north in days of old when Campion’s used to sell an equivalent Dartmouth version.

  10. Alexander, congratulations on your venture. The shade of green looks a bit lighter than Dartmouth’s PMS 349…did you color match? Regardless, these sweaters look quite sharp. Best of luck to you and your partners.

  11. Are there any plans to design a version for Hardin-Simmons University? It is a bible school in Abilene, TX that, believe it of not, has one of the preppiest student bodies in all of Christendom. The school colors are purple and gold. I’ll take a men’s small (or a boy’s XL). Where can I send a deposit?

  12. Hi Alex – I can’t tell you how much I like the concept of providing school-themed clothing of a higher quality than what can be found in campus bookstores. This is sorely needed, and I hope you expand your product offerings!

    I would say that the stripes are a little gimmicky for my taste, but what I would buy in a second is a sweater with the first letter of the school’s name on the chest. I see that kind of sweater constantly in old photographs but I’ve never been able to find one currently for sale.

  13. These look great. Wish you would make a Trinity College one though…navy blue with a gold stripe…founded 1823…How about some love for the NESCAC schools

  14. NYCTrin,

    After we sell through this collection, which we only made a limited production run for, we will be expanding into another eight schools. Trinity will certainly be strongly considered!!

    Help us spread the word to any Ivy League friends and family and you’ll see a full collection for Trinity for next season!

    Very best,

  15. I’d say make one for IC but our colors aren’t particularly lovely, and the sartorial sense on South Hill is even more abysmal than Collegetown…not to mention the architecture…

  16. @ NYCTrin….what is NESCAC? Is my alma mater NESCAC?

  17. Good Luck with your new venture!

  18. Thanks JWK!! Please share with any Ivy League friends and family.

    Happy Holidays!

  19. Eliot:
    I think it is admirable that the founders are sensitive to, and aware of such practices. Allow me to put more vigor into my post. Organically dyed….great!

  20. Chandler, may have what your looking for.

  21. Those Hillflint sweaters look great. Should make one for SMU

  22. Thanks for the link M. Arthur. I have been looking for a plain sweater with a collar like that 1968 sweater. I am getting closer.

  23. @ Fred – New England Small College Athletic Conference – NESCAC (Trinity, Wesleyan, Tufts, Bates, Amherst, Williams, etc…)

  24. M Arthur, you’re a god-damn genius. Many thanks.

  25. I’m getting an Abercrombie vibe. And, the styling of the model/guy on the Web site leaves much to be desired…..bad shoes, odd cuff roll, etc.

    I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit (and the apparent focus on quality), but these just aren’t attractive. Post college adults shouldn’t be wearing anything with large dates emblazoned across the back (esp. not dates that broadcast where one went to undergrad…) unless their at an alma mater’s sporting event….few and far between. And, even then, a $200 “I went to Cornell!” sweater seems like (obnoxious) overkill to me….

  26. I don’t mind the arm stripes, although it’s obviously been done elsewhere, but I don’t care for the founding year on the back. This is another occasion where less would have been more. And that is definitely not Dartmouth green.

  27. AEV,

    Thanks for the feedback. The model is definitely something we need to work on. As for the founding year on the back, it’s very small, so maybe the photos misrepresent it. Also, we’re trying to create this feel that you know it’s a Cornell piece and others that went to Cornell would know that it was founded in 1865, but you’re not “that guy” wearing a Cornell sweater with a huge logo plastered across your chest. Either way, thanks for the feedback!


  28. A. Thomas Ward II | December 13, 2013 at 3:40 pm |

    Glad to find that their using high quality materials, and made in America. I hope the shawl sweaters are just as good looking – the tailored scholar’s models look like button up sweatshirts rather than sweaters.

  29. @Chandler, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, read on:

    @Alex, hope I’m not stepping on your space too much. I like what you guys have going on! We considered the varsity stripe as well and I think it looks good.

    My partner and I, University of Chicago class of 2013, just launched a similar venture that can be visited at We’re drawing from historically inspired designs and recreating them with high-quality materials and correct fit (made in the U.S. of Italian wool).

    We’re also looking away from the Ivy league, which The Hardy North and competitor Hillflint are starting with, because we believe that decent collegiate wear shouldn’t be limited to a single-digit number of elite schools. So if anyone didn’t go to an Ivy League school but is interested in having us expand to their school, please drop me a note at chris(at)


  30. Yale Athlete | December 13, 2013 at 5:43 pm |

    This is tangentially related, but Id like to use this forum to beg Hardy North and other companies like it *not* to come out with a letter sweater version of this, at least not for Yale.

    The Yale bookstore already sells one of these and they are extremely popular all over campus. Problem is, the Yale Athletic department still uses a similar looking sweater (although of much higher quality) as an award for two time varsity letter winners.

    It is very frustrating to see what is meant to be significant symbol of athletic accomplishment reduced to a nostalgia piece for mass consumption. Most students on campus are not even aware of the letter sweaters athletic connotations or that it is used as a varsity award, mostly because athletes are so frustrated by the sweater’s omnipresence on campus that they rarely wear their actual ones.

    If high quality versions of this sweater became available for mass consumption, rendering them completely indistinguishable from the actual award…well, I would be very sad.

  31. Yale Athlete,

    I can assure you that The Hardy North is NOT going to produce letter sweaters! I started The Hardy North to produce collegiate knitwear that can be integrated into daily clothing and that doesn’t include large emblematic logos. This way it’s more of an internalization of it being a “Yale” piece rather than being brash about.

    Very best,

  32. Just to echo Yale Athlete’s post (in response to the earlier posts by Chandler and M Arthur), the letter sweater is an award earned by letter winners of varsity sports. The reason they’re difficult to find is that they are typically not for sale (shame on the Yale bookstore, by the way).

    I realize that the Hardy North is not in this business, but along with the Yale Athlete, I would be bummed if letter sweaters turn into mass market casual clothing.

  33. Hey guys, I really like the look of the sweater. I have been looking for a way to represent my school(Columbia) without being “that guy” with it in huge letters across his chest. Best of luck.

  34. Great sweater. Nay awesome sweater. Well worth it.

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