Yesterday J. Press sent out an email blast about its famous Shaggy Dog, everyone’s favorite Ivy sweater. The mailer neglected to mention, however, that the sweater is back in this dark green color that had been unavailable for a long time, according to a source at the company.

It’s a fitting hue, since you’ll need plenty green to afford it. Shaggies, which have risen steadily over the past several years, now set you back a whopping $230.

At $245 the York Street Shaggies are priced even higher. They also have a different look to them, kind of a darker wash to the yarn. Garment-dyed comes to mind, if that’s the right term. York Street also provides some creative twists (welcome novelties to some, sacrilege to others), such as this tri-color version:


If someone has a vintage Press catalog handy, it would be interesting to run the price of Shaggy Dogs through the years through an inflation-adjuster. — CC