The Brooks Brothers Blazer Chair

One wonders what will become of all the furnishings from 346 Madison Avenue, such as this amusing blazer chair we posted about in 2012. Presumably the items will be used in stores around the country, which may or may not be located in suburban malls. It would certainly make for quite an auction….  

10 Comments on "The Brooks Brothers Blazer Chair"

  1. I want it! Pair it with a tufted grey flannel ottoman!

  2. Not sure if you caught this, but Lands’ End is being shopped:

  3. Ok, your definitely not coming over to my house. You will be suicidal if you saw my Peal & Co. leather trunk that we use as a coffee table.

  4. Guaranteed to collect more dust, cat hair,etc. than any other upholstery material known to man.

  5. Perfectly tacky. That takes real skill.

  6. I used to make the Mayfair chairs for Ralph Lauren which pretty much looks like what this is based on. You’re paying over the odds prices for the quality of the construction with these chairs even if the fabric used to upholster them is of good quality. Go mid-centruy classic CC.

  7. Herringbone tweed would have been far more attractive.

  8. This is a stunning chair, however I agree with Fairfield, a tweed would be attractive. Paired together, would be something. Yes, my last Cairn Terrier was Blazer, the current one is named Bow-Tie.

  9. I shop at Lands’ End. I DESPISE Sears for a number of reasons.

    I would love a chair like this, but I’d also love it to be 50 years old first.

  10. I must admit that I’m not very concerned about the blazer chair, but the general question of the fate of all the furnishings is indeed interesting. I’m most concerned about the famed mirror, specially made to accommodate Pres. Lincoln’s tall frame, which I believe remained in 346 Madison Ave. I also wonder about non-furnishing historic paraphernalia (for example, old pictures and the old ledger book [is that in the archives?]) which they may have kept in the store as opposed to moving to the archives. I suppose it all depends what went with the deed.

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