Tennis Anyone? Ralph Lauren, 1972


Last week my local courts were two feet deep in snow untrodden throughout the winter. Now it’s all gone and I suspect the courts will open this week.

According to the tumblr page where I found this image, it’s a Ralph Lauren ad that dates to 1972. It may be the earliest RL print ad I’ve seen, and I think is notable for how early he had developed his signature narrative, tradition-inspired and aspiration marketing imagery. — CC

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  1. Well, 1972 was the introduction of the Polo shirt, of course, but I really don’t think this ad belongs to that decade.

  2. I believe this thread was the first time the image was put on the net

    The photo was put up by the original poster but after the original post.

    @Bob always liked hearing your RL and JA stories.

  3. My god, Chris really does have a photographic memory for photos.

  4. Sharp
    Nice find.
    RL forward pleats with interior gussets (how they should be), watch pocket w flap (how it should be), side tabs with d-rings, on seam pockets, welted leg seams extended waist band pant. Sometimes with no flaps on the back pockets, sometimes one flap, sometimes two. Stove piped from the knee down. Thanks for the memories. 😉

  5. Beautiful picture.

  6. Photo’s title: “Damsel in Distress”

  7. So I’m the source of this image, and have a trove that I found in a Salvation Army in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Can shoot the rest over to you if you want to upload. Some gems in there.

  8. Please do!

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