Now that the style world has been able to pore over “Take Ivy” without having to pay $1,500 to do so, I think the lasting legacy of the book will be isolating certain motifs. It’s like rewatching a movie: First you take in the whole, and then in subsequent viewings you focus on more subtle things, like individual character motivations from scene to scene.

So as a follow-up to yesterday’s ode to olive by Bruce Boyer, today we present a selection of images you’ve seen before, but with an invitation to look at them in a new light. They’re shots of college students in the sixties wearing various shades of olive, from dark to drab.

The top and following two images show olive at its most accessible: in sportcoats:

Below, the kid on the far left wears an olive casual jacket, while the fourth guy wears olive chinos:

Olive chinos — or in the case below, shorts — pair great with a white oxford:

Instead of a yellow rain slicker, there’s this:

Even the graphic design of “Take Ivy” pays homage to olive. It is, after all, one of the elemental colors of the Ivy League Look — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

Images from Take Ivy by Teruyoshi Hayashida, published by powerHouse Books.