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I brought my camera to the “Rowing Blazers” party last night at the new Polo flagship on Fifth Avenue, but the event was so packed taking pictures was too much trouble.

That is until a certain bespectacled gentleman passed by, none other than Larry from The Andover Shop, who was down from Cambridge and looking quite natty.

I’ll update with links to party pix as they go online. — CC

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  1. Speaking of The Andover Shop, Denis Black from Cambridge J. Press is now working there.

    He was one of our first Q&As on the site:



  2. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Larry in a tie!

  3. Love Larry, he fitted me for a suit this summer. You should have heard him and Charlie argue like The Odd Couple!

  4. Christian, what was your impression of the new Polo store? Haven’t made it there yet.


  5. I’d been in the Rhinelander browsing just the day before, which really can’t be equalled. The new space is a good store, but nothing archictecturally special. Other RL stores I’ve been to (SF, Beverly Hills, Manhasset) have more of a mansion-like feel, even if it’s entirely manufactured.

  6. Unless you actually rowed for some Ivy crusher, you have no business wearing such a garment, except for perhaps a costume party where you’re mocking your beta ineptitude. To me, Ivy begins with doing the right thing; I wouldn’t wear a varsity letter I hadn’t won, the insignia of an airborne outfit I hadn’t gone out the jump door with, hang a trophy I hadn’t shot and yadda yadda. I suppose this beloved clerk can get away with it, and I mean no disrespect to him, but in his application is getting very close to costuming rather than expression of value.

  7. Maybe it’s his father’s.

    Maybe he rowed.

  8. I agree with not wearing a item not earned or a family heirloom, but to think only Ivy rowers can wear basically what a team rowing blazer is ridiculous. There are university rowing teams across America, what are they suppose to wear, velour warmup jackets? 😉

  9. I could understand complaints about pretty much any other time, but complaining about people wearing rowing blazers to a rowing blazers party?

  10. Indeed, no wonder Die Workwear! compared Ivy Style comment leavers to Al Queda.

  11. I must say that jacket looks good on Larry. Do we know what the insignia says?

  12. It looks like it says “TESTICULOS TENE CAPIUNTUR MENS ET CORT” to me, but the last time that I studied Latin was 35 years ago, so I could be wrong.

  13. I guess we shouldn’t wear khakis unless we’re in the military or service station attendants. 😉

  14. I noticed what looks like an enclosure tag on Larry’s jacket.

  15. I love the pic of Jack Carlson and Rachel Maddow!

  16. Would you guys wear army uniforms to an army party? What about a doctor’s scrubs to a doctor’s party? Maybe you would, I wouldn’t. Membership in any hard-earned group–and rowers work the weights unto death–is not a thing to be joked about, except by and among themselves. As the German woman said to the other German woman, that’s how it begins. And see where it’s got us?

  17. gantshirt
    Someday remind me to tell you how I got arrested at a Denny’s after a Halloween frat party wearing my dad’s USAF uniform. Good times, good times. 😉

  18. Did that last post officially invoke Godwin’s law?

  19. @ lm — let me try a rough translation: “if you’ve got a man by the short hairs, you’ve got his full attention.” (Had to look up “Godwin’s law”; good one.)

    @ gantshirt — for god’s sake, man, take a tranquillizer and get some perspective. Okay, rowers work hard. Do you think Jack Carlson and the Winklevoss twins were going round the party checking bona fides, insulting people, and throwing them out? It’s a public relations event to celebrate the publication of a book. I have no idea whether Larry was a rower or not; that’s not the point. But he sure looks at home in that jacket.

  20. Another Ivy (?) item I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

    Add that to:
    critter ties
    pink/bright green trousers
    bit loafers
    skinny pants
    ultra-slim shirts

  21. Don’t see much of Castleberry on the FB page…

    Though i did see him creeping in this one photo…


  22. Yeah, he’s pretty creepy, alright. *rimshot*

    Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the prime rib, and don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  23. As I made clear in the original post (RJG, read much?) I meant no disrespect to Larry the beloved,whose status and charm exempt him from ordinary issues of respect. He’s Larry, and that’s good enough for me. And I’ve professionally been to hundreds of meaningless, futile and time-consuming PR events. Some day you’ll have to explain to me what PR contributes, but that’s not the subject here either. The subject is the meanings of things. These aren’t just clothes we wear, they’re statements of value and creed, and when we costume ourselves in the wardrobe of an elite we were never good enough to join or willful enough to pay the price of entry, then we diminish that elite and ourselves and,yes, the meaning of “meaning.” You could call me a hypocrite because I dress Ivy and although I went to fine private university, it wasn’t Ivy. But you won’t find me in a Harvard letter sweater, a Princeton sweatshirt, a 101st Airborne combat tunic. I won’t claim membership in outfits I couldn’t get into. You shouldn’t either. You really shouldn’t.

  24. My partner and I were invited to the party. The invitation encouraged people to dress in the spirit of the occasion. We went in striped blazers but without any sort of pocket crests or insignias. Several people, including those in bona fide rowing team blazers, stopped us and complimented us on our get ups, including Jack Carlson, himself. We weren’t trying to pass ourselves off as actual rowers, nor did anyone think we were. We were simply honoring the request of the hosts and joining in the fun. It was a grand party.

  25. Here’s the Thames & Hudson “Rowing Blazers” YouTube video with people who actually interact with oars and water……..


  26. From the South | September 26, 2014 at 11:12 am |

    Wow! So Mr. Black is no longer at Press….he was a great guy and will be missed I’m sure. My guess is that he couldn’t stand another year of York St. and the direction the company was going…what a shame.

  27. Here’s Fred playing crew team dress up. Not at a theme party, just plain old, out-and-about dress up. Painful:


  28. Re: J Press- Jerry, Ed, David, Jay in NY, Brian in DC, and now Dennis in Cambridge. Any pattern in all of these departures? They all knew their stuff. Losing all of them means something, to me at least. This can’t be good for the future of the company, if the management wants a future anything like it’s venerable past.

  29. Pardon me… its venerable past.

  30. Your obsession is painful, AEV. Get a hobby…

  31. @May,

    I find AEV’s Fred commentary to be some of the most entertaining on the internet. He’s no more obsessed than any number of other commenters are with far less interesting ‘Ivy-related’ minutiae. You’re either Fred himself, one of his poser friends, or missing the pure comedy that is Mr. Castleberry.

  32. Indeed a costume party…unless you are the real deal.

  33. Thanks for posting the links to the Polo party photos & the Gotham Magazine article about F. E. Castleberry. Both were interesting & I look forward to visiting the new Polo store the next time I am in NYC. I have been told that the new store is a Blue Label only store – does anyone who has been there know if that’s true?

  34. Drew Poling, I appreciate your comment.

    Honoring the host’s request and their event is a great piece of etiquette to share. As you stated, this type of dress was encouraged. I believe that the host and the guests all understood very well that this was a costume party. I don’t think that anyone was trying to pass themselves off as Ivy rowers.

  35. I sat next to Jack Carlson last night at a Seven Sisters/preppy lecture and he confirmed that Larry was a rower.

  36. @gantshirt – with your point of view, check out good ol’ Fred Castleberry’s blog. You’ll love it!

  37. Larry rowed – and still does row – for Union Boat Club in Boston

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