Hit The Lode, Jack: The Khaki Kickstarter Campaign


Longtime Ivy Style supporter Jack Donnelly was founded by a young entrepeneur with the crazy dream of making khakis in America. “It’s something I believe in and have sunk my entire life into for the last five years,” says founder Gregg Donnelly.

Now he’s heading into stage two of his endeavor with a Kickstarter campaign that launched yesterday. Check it out to see how you too can help keep the quintessential American pant made in America. And who knows, the kid might just turn out to be the next fashion mogul. After all, Ralph Lauren started out making ties.

Best of luck, Gregg, and may you hit the mother lode. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

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  1. Averill Archer | September 23, 2014 at 12:18 pm |

    Now those look good.Nice to see they come in a variety of colors. Let’s hope the rise suits the market.

  2. I love my JD khakis; two pairs in the regular rotation and one on standby. Great fit, excellent fabric, well made, no exterior branding, made in USA, and significantly less expensive than Bills or Duck Head. I could never confine myself to one brand, but if I had to, JD would be it.

  3. The “hybrid fit” concept, between the “original” and the “trim” is a great concept, but a major fail in the execution.

    If the hybrid combined the full rise of the original, with the slim legs of the trim (minus the taper) then they’d have the exactly the trousers that so many people want but can’t find.

  4. They should just get a 1960s Corbin pant and copy it for fit.

  5. I much rather prefer my cotton casual khaki pants with dress pant construction i.e. hook front closure, with invisible hem and belt loop stitching. Like what J. Press and O’Connell’s offer in some of their lines.
    That way they look great with either leather loafers or suede bucks. I think it makes them a little bit more versatile with these features.

  6. High rise, slim leg: so simple, yet so elusive…

  7. Gregg Donnelly | September 23, 2014 at 7:10 pm |

    Thank you all for the feedback – it’s very helpful and appreciated. We’ll go back to the drawing board and see if we can’t get this fit done right – whether that be creating a new fit or revamping the Hybrid to better encompass the elements of this fit. If you have any further feedback or examples please email me at gregg@jackdonnelly.com

    Thanks for all your support!

  8. I love to see the proprietors this involved… this is how business is supposed to be done… kudos to you Gregg

  9. Waldo Walters | September 23, 2014 at 8:16 pm |

    All the pants are named Dalton. Which means Polo to me. The ones in the sale section are even inward-pleated like Ralph’s.

  10. Waldo
    They are called “forward pleats”, as opposed to “reverse pleats”. The Dalton Polo chinos have a rise problem, I own a pair, hate them.

    I still haven’t got the “slim” cut pant thing, there is no drape. Khakis aren’t suppose to fit like a pair of 501s.

  11. I’d give them $1000 if they stopped using “pant”. That’s what a dog does.

    Seriously: The benefit for the $2500 sponsorship–khakis for life–seems like a good deal!


  12. @Joe Tradly

    I’ll match that grand.

    What if Jack Donnelly hits the skids, though? Will Gregg sew your pants in his garage?

  13. Waldo Walters | September 24, 2014 at 1:40 am |

    MAC, I gave up pleats years ago and never looked back. Or reverse or outward. Please pardon my terminology fail.

    I’m hoping Gregg will return and explain the name. Wondering whether there’s some ur-Dalton trouser to which he and RL are both paying homage.

  14. This, for the most part, is how khakis are supposed to fit. Generally, 8th Air Force crew pictures are the best guide.


  15. Yea, I know, the last picture was Pacific theater but the trousers fit, nevertheless. Another example:


  16. I’ll kick this guys a few bucks later. I’m wearing my JD’s as I type. Excellent customer service. I like the hybrid fit rise.Could it be higher? Sure and, yeah, the the leg is a bit wide but it works with the silhouette. If it really bugs you, just pay a a few dollars more to have them tapered since you have to get them hemmed anyway.

  17. I’m confused. Why a kickstarter when I can buy them on the JD website?

  18. I can buy a slim fit Dalton on the site for $98 with free shipping or I can spend $108 ($88 + $20 shipping) for the same pants on Kickstarter? I assume I am missing a key piece of information.

  19. DCG
    Slim is relative, the slim today is not the slim of yesterday, what the ad shows is basically a normal cut pant today.

  20. Waldo
    Pleats or plain are just personal style, I wear both, preferably forward. I wasn’t being critical, just trying to help. I always think it would be helpful if we all had common terms on this thread. But, then the regional terms are always fun if not confusing when folks use regional terms, much like discussing motorcycles or autos with the British. Now let’s have a candy stripe / university stripe debate. 😉

  21. Stripes:
    Candy is dandy, but university has more diversity.

    Of letters, anyway.

  22. @MAC Definitely relative, but most “regular” cut khakis (the ones I’ve tried on at least) don’t look like the ones pictured, Jerrod at OCBD has discussed the exact specs at length.

    Closest I own is J Press, and of course you can pay your tailor to take in the leg a bit, but it’d be fantastic if a company offered affordable slim/straight legged yet high rise (~12-13 inches) khakis that look good with a blazer and tie or a sport shirt.

  23. DCG
    OCBD has a good site, lots of good info, I especially liked the reconstructing of surcingle belts, great advice for young guys on a budget. I’ve been doing it since the 1960s.

    I still think the best fitting plain front trou was Corbin. I also think “wash pants” are always going to disappoint, unless one has the exact average body they are made for.

  24. Gregg Donnelly | September 24, 2014 at 6:41 pm |

    I love all the chatter and feedback. To answer some questions discussed…

    We’re using the Kickstarter as a platform to expand our product line. Specifically –

    1 – A new color in the Dalton Pant – Green

    2 – Offer our light weight Carter Pant on a wider scale – 2 new colors and in all 3 fits. We originally launched it as a “Limited Edition” release, but only in our Slim Fit. Through KS and moving forward it will be offered in all 3 fits.

    3. While we had the KS running, we decided to open up our whole collection to customers at a special KS price of $88 (Always free shipping – $20 is for international shipping only)

    @Halby – Glad you’re getting some good wear out of the Hybrid Fit. I appreciate your continued support, and appreciate the feedback.

    Again, we’re going to go back to the drawing board and see if we can’t improve the Hybrid Fit (slim down the leg a bit and extend the rise), while maintaining certain elements that customers seem to like about them.

    Thanks again for all the feedback and support!

  25. Gregg Donnelly – I don’t know what any of these words mean: “Hybrid Fit – Medium Rise, Straight Through Hip and Thigh, Straight Leg.” This is all subjective.
    The photos don’t help. All the pants look just about the same at hip and thigh. The slim actually looks like it sits higher than the original due to the big belt and the hybrid waist is obscured by the sweater so I have no idea what is going on there.

    If you just listed the measurements (waist, rise, leg opening, thigh circumference) on the site with accurate photos we wouldn’t have to buy blind (or not buy at all). It’s not worth the gamble or hassle of returns.
    Men like to know the numbers and facts before we buy, and not vague descriptors (“0-60 in 4 seconds”, NOT “up to around the middle of the speedometer in a small amount of time”).

  26. @MAC

    Forward (inward-facing) pleats have the sole function of focusing people’s attention on the pelvic area, just like high-crotch, low-waist trousers.

  27. Minimalist

    This guy would disagree.


    Pleats, reversed or forward , accent the waist. The Gen. and I would suggest that any pant that accents one’s junk are not properly fitted, 501s and speedos excluded. 😉

  28. It’s a big gamble and hassle on returns when shipping is free both ways. (: If you are international, then I can understand your point.

    I have 2 pairs of JD’s and I jumped on this KS as soon as I heard about it. I have been harping on Gregg to make an olive classic fit for a while.

    My only gripe with them are some of the loose threads on the inside. They can look a bit ugly in there. But the fact of the matter is the chinos look good and wear well. They hold a crease when you want it, and pleasantly rumple when you don’t.

    For those that want a high rise and slim leg: buy the classic fit, and pay your tailor to taper them. Then one day Gregg will give us a hybrid fit that fits the bill.

    And please, the comments I read on here about pleats are just insanely misinformed. Pleats serve a purpose. They work for those whose body types need them, that can be the big bellied or those with muscular thighs and many in between. It’s simple design and engineering.

  29. The rise looks far too low; I’m planning to buy Mr John Simons ‘own brand’ khakis instead.

  30. I like a modern fit. I’d caution against listening to the vocal minority about rise and slim fit. Most of the current range in Donnelly’s looks great and the amount of people actually wearing that fit is inconsequential. If you want that fit, pony up the change and have some made. Andover always does a great job so does Stuart.

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