This Life Magazine photo shoot is a bit of a mystery. First off, there’s no date, but it looks like the second half of the fifties. Next, it has evidently been mislabled “Miss Playgirl at Dartmouth.” Playboy began using the term “playmate” with the magazine’s second issue, making “playgirl” a typo. No idea why the shoot was done, unless the blonde bombshell was dating the star quarterback.

The entire shoot is a massive one which you can find here. For our selection below, click on the images to go to the hi-res version.

Playmate with Hef:

There must be a reader out there who has one of those books with all the centerfolds. See if you can recognize her, then leave a comment with her name and the month and year of her Playmate status. Then we can Google her + Dartmouth and find out the story behind the affair.

Shaggy sweater and what’s that? — 1957 on his blazer crest. We’re getting closer:

I think this pipesmoking, sack-jacket guy is now my favorite chap from the Life archives, edging out Aga Khan:

A study in envy:

This one’s for The Weejun, who has a certain thing for girls and penny loafers:

Lucky guy. Wonder how long it lasted? — CC

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