Sacks Fifth Avenue: The New Polo Store In NYC


I passed by the new Polo flagship today, which is under construction on Fifth Avenue. Perhaps they’ll be some updated sack jackets. No idea on opening date. — CC

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  1. I thought RL had some old historic digs as his flagship in NYC.

  2. Christian | May 19, 2014 at 11:59 am |

    The Rhinelander on Madison Ave. is apparently going to take a step upmarket and stock just Black and Purple later, from what I’ve heard.

  3. Joe Tradly | May 19, 2014 at 1:47 pm |

    Standby for the on-site restaurant, Ralph’s, too. Hopefully it will follow in the footsteps of Chicago and Paris and not Georgetown.

  4. I can’t imagine the mansion would be all Black and Purple label–that’s a lot of square footage for two very niche lines. And it’s common for brands to maintain a Madison Ave location along with one on 57th or 5th. But if this means more of Polo’s upmarket tailored clothing, I’m in.

  5. Hopefully this new store will have a more….”realistic” price point (I’m still a college student). I was at the Madison Ave. store a few weeks ago shopping for grey wool trousers. They were over $400, more than double The Andover Shop’s price, and I doubt they were even made in the U.S.

  6. Perhaps the extra space is to accommodate the oversized Pony’s and Crests?

  7. I welcome this mid town store & hope that it carries the full line of Polo Blue Label. I enjoy the 72th Street Mansion but sometimes it’s just too far to get to quickly. The Prince Street store is good too but I miss the store on Bleecker St. & University Place. SAK’s has an excellent Polo Store but it’s 6th floor location is difficult to get to because the 1st floor is so busy.

  8. I was referring to the Rugby stores on Bleecker & University Place. Macys also has a nice store but too hard to get to in a busy store. Bloomingdales store also is excellent.

  9. If you read through RL’s conference calls during their quarterly earnings events, they have said that as Ralph’s different lines have grown (Purple, Black, Black label Denim, RRL, etc etc), Polo/Blue Label has been crowded out. They plan on opening about 200 Polo stores around the world, that is stores that only carry Polo/Blue label. They have also signed a lease on Regent street in London for a Polo store.

    It makes total sense. Most upper middle class can afford at least some of Polo products, and creating a special retail environment that appeals to them is brilliant. No longer will Polo be confined to department stores.

  10. @ted – I agree with your observations and would welcome full line Blue Label stores & restaurants. I have been to the Chicago restaurant twice, very busy, average food but an enjoyable overall experience though we only could eat in the small but quite attractive bar area without a reservation.

  11. RIP Rugby… I am not joking

  12. @Robert – question – you seem so certain about Rugby: were you ever actually in a Rugby store? I was in stores in NYC, Greenwich, New Canaan, Chicago & purchased some Rugby products such as bow ties & socks. The quality was equal to Polo Blue Label and the price points were lower. Rugby was far more interesting than J Press York Street or Brooks Red & Black Fleece so I do miss Rugby and was sorry to see it end.

  13. JWK — Quality on Rugby was not equal to Blue Label. That’s why Rugby cost 50% less than Blue Label. Rugby wasn’t a charitable endeavor to provide Blue Label quality to people who couldn’t afford it, with Ralph taking a 50% hit on his profit margin. Let’s be realistic.

    Rugby’s tailored clothing was certainly better than York Street, but that’s a low bar. Ultimately, Rugby proves that the customer base it was aiming for–trend-driven males with some, but not much, interest in and ability to pay for quality–ultimately can’t support a business.

  14. @JWK: I visited 3 Rugby shops: Dallas/ Chicago/ NYC (University location)…
    to me, it was the epitome of style. The stores were destinations unto themselves. Unfortunately, my fanaticism with Rugby revealed to me how to maximize my consumer dealer. Hold out for sales (they were often) and clearance, it will drop considerably, then pick it up on the cheap. (This may have contributed to less profits which may have ultimately killed the brand). I have more Rugby items with the tags on them still than I have worn. (50+ bow ties, 100+ long sleeve button downs, 50+ sweaters, 20+ vests, coats, jackets, socks, pants, shorts, and accessories. I am a Rugby collector. I have read that the Ralph Lauren brass considered killing the women’s line to preserve the mens line, but I cannot attest to that. I also know that the stores could not have been inexpensive. I wish there was a way to have saved the line, as there was nothing quite like it. York Street is disgusting, and Black Fleece never did it for me either. I am aware towards the end of the Rugby era they started to “mail it in” a little, but their worst was still better than others’ best. I appreciated the edginess that allowed me to dress like an old man and a young man at the same time. Rugby was a blip on the radar, and the vast majority didn’t get it, but I did, and I liked being a part of it.

  15. ^Unfortunately, my fanaticism with Rugby revealed to me how to maximize my consumer **dollar.

  16. @Robert – in RL’s most recent financial report RL reported 56+% gross margins – even with sales, promotions, coupons, etc – so I guess that makes it OK to be a cost conscious consumer – I am one too – but I admit to exceptions, such as in 2012 when paying full retail & CT sales tax to get my size in the RL cricket sweater made specially for the Summer Olympic Team & available only in a few Polo stores & not online. If I could have afforded it I would have bought the made in USA shawl collar Winter Olympics sweater.

  17. @Robert – Sorry you missed the Bleecker St Rugby – it was the best though University Square had the best windows.

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