Running Man

One of the good things about living in LA (I’ve forgotten the others) is the chance to see movies before anyone else does.

To wit, several weeks ago, while on assignment for the Rugby blog, I took in a screening of “The Express,” a biopic about Ernie Davis, star running back for Syracuse University from 1959-1961 and the first African American to win the Heisman Trophy. The film opened this weekend.

While not as sartorially inspired as “School Ties,” another movie about football and prejudice in the ’50s, “The Express” is at least not as bad a football movie as “Leatherheads.”

Style standouts in the film include the team’s crested blazers (pictured above in action at the school dance), and its traveling bags, which look like vintage doctor’s bags (back when doctors made house calls), except made of wool chenille, like a letterman’s jacket.

Finally, for a taste of what college football was like when it was an expression of culture rather than commerce, here’s Syracuse from 1956, with Jim Brown, Ernie Davis’ predecessor, carrying the pigskin. — CC

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  1. Jim Brown: The greatest football player of all time, bar none.

  2. i thought that was either pele or george best?

  3. They have created a line of Syracuse merchandise around this film and you can find a replica vintage gym bag at although it is nylon not wool. It caught my eye when I saw it but I am an alum that is a sucker for this stuff.

  4. I recommend the movie “Everybody’s All American” starring Dennis Quaid. Total ivy style and a better football movie than all of these.

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