Rugged Ivy: Free & Easy’s Herringbone Eveningwear

Yesterday when I posted about my excessive fondness for herringbone, the first comment was from a reader who asked what I wear on more formal occasions.

I was going to joke that if I can’t wear herringbone then I won’t go, and now, according to the latest issue of Free & Easy, taking such a stance may not be a bad idea.

For lo and behold what’s on the cover but a guy wearing his cherished herringbone jacket with his evening ensemble.

We all have our style icons, and my latest is a Japanese cartoon. — CC

7 Comments on "Rugged Ivy: Free & Easy’s Herringbone Eveningwear"

  1. Well,in the Ivy tradition exist also the charcoal herringbone sack suit.
    Perfect for a more formal wear!

  2. That is a great cover and very funny when you think about it.

  3. My current #1 item on my never-ending “To Buy” list: a light grey, unstructured herringbone sports coat. CC, do you have any recommendations?

  4. Yes, we “should know about the contemporary men’s wears in deed”.

  5. Bakery Lurker | November 14, 2012 at 11:23 am |

    I don’t suppose I could get away with this at a white tie affair… If you received an invitation to a formal ball (full dress, the works), what would you do?

  6. White tie and tails and herringbone socks?

  7. I trust you’re joking, CC. White tie is even more of a set uniform than black tie. The purpose of both of them is for the men to present an elegant form that will set off the woman he is with. He cannot possibly do that if he is calling attention to himself with outlandish accessories.

    “In the matter of evening costume, you see,” I might be even more “hidebound and reactionary” than Jeeves.

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