Princeton Yearbook, 1956

The chaps at the Fine & Dandy Shop blog dug up these images from the 1956 Princeton yearbook. Say, is that Dickie Greenleaf’s graduating class?

Above, the glee club. If being in the glee club isn’t quite as masculine as being on the football team, at least it’s better than being a cheerleader:

Next, summer camp personnel. Apparently there are sartorial seminars in addition to swimming in the lake:

The Elm Club:

The Tuesday Night Euripides Club:

And finally, the Yawn & Racquet Club:

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  1. Was that really called the “yawn and racquet club” or is it a typo…funny either way.

  2. Can anyone make out the words on the life preserver? I wonder where that photo was taken. Maybe Blairstown (which would be Bass Lake, I believe)?

  3. @Gordon, indeed it’s the Yawn And Racket Club. “The Yawn And Racket Club, whose neurotic inception derives from the slovenly bequest of a moribund squash racket and numerous a.m. courses, is unquestionably the most periodically defunct organization in Princeton.” @Austin, the life preserver reads “Princeton Summer Camp”.

  4. Whatever happened to group photos with finely dressed individuals holding hilarious props? I demand they make a come back!

  5. Four of those Y&RC gents have pipes and one has a bottle of champagne. I say, that’s precisely the right sort.

  6. These pictures are great. My local used bookstore has a lot of old yearbooks. I have spent a fair share of my time in there looking over them. They have so many pictures to offer!

  7. I prefer jazz band and sailing.

  8. Stan Fenman | May 21, 2020 at 8:06 am |

    I hope these gentlemen, now in their eighties, still dress as well.

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