Nice Catch: The Harris Tweed Collegiate Football


For your autumn touch-football games, or your holiday shopping for the man who has everything (which may very well be you), consider a traditional football wrapped in Harris Tweed. If ever there was a way to reconcile clotheshorse and jock, this is it.

I spied it a couple of weeks ago at the opening for The Lodge‘s new retail store in New York’s East Village. The shop carries a stylish array of men’s accessories, with everything made in the US.

Priced at $175, the football is made by Leather Head, which bills itself “The Official Football Of Collegiate Tailgating.” Enough said. — CC

13 Comments on "Nice Catch: The Harris Tweed Collegiate Football"

  1. Christian,

    You have achieved what I believed to be the impossible: Never did I think that anyone could get me interested in anything related to football. Now, if you can find a tweed covered sax, you might even get me interested in jazz.

  2. My pleasure.

    Pretty sure I could find you a tweed-covered man playing a sax, if that’s close enough.

  3. In the interest of tweed + music, we should all remember the “Fender Tweed” line of amplifiers from the 1960’s that I’m pretty sure are still quite sought-after today!

  4. Thanks to Wiki:

    “The amplifiers are named for the cloth covering, which consists of varnished cotton twill, incorrectly called tweed because of its feel and appearance.”

  5. Southern Loafer | November 9, 2014 at 10:23 pm |

    That. Is. Outstanding.

  6. Great Football!

  7. @ Curmudgeon

    Wearing Ivy threads without digging modern jazz? That’s inconceivable.

  8. In England, at least.

  9. @Bags’ Groove

    Was that word ever in the Ivy lexicon?
    Infra dig in my book.

  10. @Curmudgeon

    Are you one of the people who holds that only residents of Schenectady are allowed to use synecdoche?

  11. Bags' Groove | November 11, 2014 at 1:03 pm |

    @ Curmudgeon

    Yeah man, it’s on page 47 of the Dig Ivy book, right alongside the cat blowin’ the herringbone sax!

  12. Bags' Groove | November 11, 2014 at 1:31 pm |

    @ Curmudgeon

    Oops, wrong page. It’s the next one, where Sinatra, resplendent in his Ivy threads, is reminding someone not to lay hand on them.

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