News Roundup: Yale Co-op, Bookster Tailoring, And Working Together

So there’s actually some news from Tradsville to distract you from all that other news. But speaking of that, should we start a post with a thread of helpful services offered? We all have to stick together like they did in olden times, and if we all volunteered just a bit of our time to share our skills with others, it might start a positive chain reaction. Could we do it in a comments thread, with guys leaving their professional websites or emails?

Now onto Tradsville, where Inside Hook once again delves into Ivy with a piece on the Yale Co-op.

Department store Kohl’s is teaming up with Lands’ End. And yes there will be smiling sunny days ahead at some point.

Meanwhile, Thom Browne and Nordstrom are collaborating with a collegiate nod:

And finally this post was brought to you by Bookster Tailoring of the UK, who recently posted an interview with me:

Bookster:  Is today’s movement dominated by absolute purists, or do the lines become blurred at times without derision?

Christian: I think the number of purists is quite small. Most guys who have appreciation for the style are not fanatical about it, and mix items from the genre with other things they like. It’s easy to think of the look as being fixed, but the more we delve into archival texts, photos and catalogs, the more we see what tremendous variety there was in things like fabrics and necktie patterns. Langrock was a legendary Ivy clothier that represented this, as well as Chipp and again The Andover Shop.

Below is a hook-vented sack suit in cavalry twill made-to-order for a customer. You can send inquiries to Bookster here. Be well, and meditate and contemplate outdoors as much as you’re able to, and we’ll all come out of this much stronger. — CC

5 Comments on "News Roundup: Yale Co-op, Bookster Tailoring, And Working Together"

  1. I’ve been to one worlds, a picnic and a rodeo and that Thom Browne bit is the stupidest things I’ve ever read over a smart phone.

    Major Kong

  2. Charlottesville | March 20, 2020 at 10:47 am |

    This is a very nice post, Christian. The forum for offering services is a welcome idea, and I am pleased to find out that Bookster can do a 3/2 sack with a hook vent. They have quite a selection of tweeds available to be made up into sport coats and suits. However, I must agree with Sacksuit regarding the Thom Browne/Nordstrom kids. They need to shut those locker doors with the clothes inside and put a padlock on them.

    I hope everyone is weathering the current crisis as well as possible. Things are pretty quiet in my town, as they should be with people staying in as much as possible. Three reported cases so far, but nothing catastrophic at this point. I pray it continues that way.

  3. That is a really good looking sack suit. That is how a suit should hang, although the gorge is a bit too high for my taste. I remember discovering Bookster at least ten years ago when searching fabric swatches. I’ve always considered their (his) jackets, as depicted, to be too British for me. This is surprising.

  4. Thanks for the article and your good wishes on the eventual positive outcome of the current contagion. Recall Thomas Paine’s comment: “These are the times that try men’s souls”

  5. MacMcConnell | March 20, 2020 at 12:36 pm |

    Every time I see lockers it brings back memories of my younger brother’s successful bid to replace the dressing room lockers at Leggs Gentilemen’s Club. He needed help, I obliged. Note, Italians don’t shutdown strip clubs for locker replacement. 😉

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