News From Head To Foot

OK, much to catch up on here, so let’s jump right in. You could say it’s like building an outfit from head to foot.

Starting at the top in hat news, check out the caps by Rowing Blazers. My dad picked one up to keep the sun off his nose while visiting New York just a couple of weeks ago, and I have the chess king one myself:

In the throat area, R. Hanauer’s fall collection consists of classic bow ties and four-in-hands. They’re responsible for the lovely image at the top of the post, and you can find their latest US-made offerings right here:

In the dress shirt department, Michael Spencer has a number of new fabrics. “I focused on fabrics that are a little more casual,” founder Spencer Bennett tells us. “Several poplins in a tattersall check, multiple plaids, a few chambrays, and three candy stripe Oxford cloths. Our new collection also reflects significant additions to our more formal fabrics, including royal oxfords, a collection of beautiful twills, and many new poplins in gingham and a variety of stripes.” And you can get them all in a custom fit.

Moving down to the waist region, Country Club Prep has some new leather belts from Kiel James Patrick for you sailing types:

And there’s not much point to a belt without something for it to hold up. So check out the trousers from H. Stockton, one of America’s few remaining independent menswear retailers of traditional clothing. Their classic pants are made in Canada and feature a full rise. Learn more here.

At ground level, you may have heard that Allen Edmonds recently got a makeover with a new logo and site design. You can read about it in this Wall Street Journal article, which asks whether made-in-America still matters, and by the way, the handsome Acheson tassel loafer is currently on sale.

Also at ground level, check out Kirby Allison’s new recrafting service to preserve your prized footwear. Learn about it in this video:

And finally, you’ll need something to top it all off, especially as the weather gets foul. I finally got a coat from Survivalon and am ready to start sailing — or at least take a walk along the shore. — CC

4 Comments on "News From Head To Foot"

  1. Caustic Man | October 3, 2018 at 6:05 pm |

    I’m very eager to try out Kirby Allison’s new recrafting service but my shoes are so damn well made that they just keep going. #IvyWorldProblems

  2. I used to row crew–hmmmm–the caps, I just don’t get.

  3. EyeOfTheMoon | October 4, 2018 at 11:29 pm |

    $40 to $60 for hats that, even if they are needle point or hand stitched, don’t even look that great or hell could even be mistaken for street wear? Pass

  4. Michael Brady | October 23, 2018 at 10:18 am |

    Regarding soft constructed caps: Can anyone help me in finding caps that will fit at the upper end of the size range__say, 7-1/2?

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