New Year, New Team: Ivy Style Seeks Reporters, Columnists, Assistant Editor

Distinguished gentlemen, the first month of 2020 is over and over the course of January Ivy Style featured no less than seven different contributors. Alas some of their articles were reposts, which is why today I’m putting the call out for fresh voices to contribute. I’ve spent 12 years at the helm here and I’d like to step back to more of a publisher/editor-in-chief role, and have some of you fellows step forward to shape the content the way you want it. This is the time for you longtime commenters to start expanding your thoughts into posts, and for you lurkers to join the conversation. I see several areas of need, and you may have your own ideas as well.

First off is a kind of reporter role. We need someone who’s a real clothes nut to keep his eye on all the makers in Tradsville and regularly point out noteworthy items. This could be a kind of weekly roundup of several pieces from different makers with some commentary on them.

Next, we need a Facebook editor who can do something similar. Every week there’s a grab-bag of good material on our Facebook page, including links to relevant news items in the media, random historic images that get posted, and even selfies of guys with great outfits. Standard reporting can accompany the gathering of half-dozen items at a time, or witty commentary, whatever suits you.

If you love digging through vintage images, we could really use someone who could create galleries of 5-20 images at a time, organized by theme.

If you prefer to sift through texts like an Ivy archeologist, there’s always a need for scouring old yearbooks, college newspapers, etc.

If film’s your thing, there are endless movies from the heyday we haven’t covered yet.

If you’re inclined to crafting prose, we could use a couple of regular columnists who could provide well crafted essays either on the current state of Trad style in the marketplace, or heyday memories, or meditations on any number of topics that would interest us here.

And finally, I could really use an assistant editor to help plan the editorial calendar and manage the content flow.

If any of these interest you, please use the contact button above and reach out. And since someone will likely ask whether there’s pay involved, I’ll simply offer that I’ve written blog pieces for the New York Times, National Review, and Esquire, and in each case they paid me fifty bucks. So if that’s the budget of organizations that large, you can imagine what Ivy Style’s is….

But you may get free stuff out of it, and have a good time. You’ll also earn my gratitude and editorial tutoring, should you be eyeing media or writing as a career, or something you’ve always wanted to do in your retirement.

It’s been quite a ride since 2008, and time for a new burst of energy. And someone’s going to have to captain this ship one day should I take up sailing and end up drowning in the Narragansett Bay. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

3 Comments on "New Year, New Team: Ivy Style Seeks Reporters, Columnists, Assistant Editor"

  1. John Burton | February 2, 2020 at 6:57 pm |

    Hi Christian, I am a ghostwriter, three books coming out this year for clients – a thriller, an as-told-to biography, and my own work of non-fiction. I would love to contribute. I have submitted in the past and I guess things have fallen into the void – could very well be me – but would LOVE to be a part of the team. My commentary on FB is typically well received – always responded to and engaged with. I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Lucas De Leon | May 7, 2020 at 2:13 am |

    Hello Mr. Chensvold,
    Sorry for the late response. I am super interested in the reporter role. I love compiling lists and doing research but honestly any role listed would fascinate me. I’d love to contribute and grow my skill in writing.

    I await your response.

  3. Barry Carter | March 30, 2022 at 12:43 pm |

    Where did Christian Chensvold find the illustration at the top of this piece and is it possible to get a link?
    I’m not a writer or a reporter looking for a job, but I read a lot. Cheers. 🥃🦉

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