Digital style omnivore Derek Guy recently spotted a tumblr loosely entitled Rich White People, which consists of a potpourri of vintage photos, contemporary advertising images, movie stills, and snapshots of British royals. It’s all very pleasant on the eyes, and most germane to tradly types are the various vintage Ralph Lauren ads scattered pell-mell among the tumblr’s current 45 pages. Look for it soon on Admiral Cod’s blogroll. — CC

Addendum: Having looked at all 45 pages, I was left with a curious impression of tumblr, which offers a new kind of visual experience in which random images are collected under the loose guideline of an “aesthetic” or whim of an anonymous curator.

Rich White People randomly juxtaposes three things that bear little relation to each other beyond their surface style: Real people, such as royals and athletes; movie stills of actors pretending to be real people; and lifestyle fashion advertisements attempting an even further watered-down simulacrum of real life.

The randomness and lack of exposition of tumblrs is surely a sign of the bottomless slide into shallowness and the dumbing down of American culture.

Last year I read a book by George WS Trow. I don’t remember much of it beyond the title, which seems strangely fitting to the Rich White People tumblr: “Within the Context of No Context.”