New Colors And Fabrics For Baracuta


We last reported on Baracuta back in September, when the brand unveiled a revamped website. Well this spring it’s showing its famous G9 jacket in a slew of new colors, fabrics and styles, including the olive suede version above.

Below, oiled leather:


Garment-dyed cotton:


Navy and kelly green two-tone:


Olive trench:


And from 1953, here’s its predecessor, which appealed to “gentlemen who prefer the finer things:”

bara 53

Find them all on Baracuta’s website. — CC

14 Comments on "New Colors And Fabrics For Baracuta"

  1. These look nice, but my old Van Heusen make still does the trick.

  2. those are mostly hideous

  3. They would have done well to bring back the raglan poplin raincot as featured in the ad. Full fitting. Just so…well, classic.

    This is the problem with certain Ivy era brands that are being “reinvigorated.” Instead of simply resurrecting the classics, they aim for something novel. We can blame the “stylists” and “designers.”

  4. Mackintosh offers it–the Farnell:

    Rubberised cotton. Classic.

  5. Agree with S.E. I was thinking about the longer-length raincoat as well.

    But what is that square shape near the bottom hem? A pocket? If so, what is its function?

  6. Lots of the colors looks quite ugly, but some of the basics are decent. Have they really gotten rid of the logo-bearing labels on the outside of their coats? That would be a welcome change indeed.

    The suede items are grotesquely over-priced. The basic cotton ones are over-priced as well, but not grotesquely so.

  7. @RJG. That is a binocular case.

  8. @ CSharp. Thanks. I couldn’t see it until it was pointed out.

  9. @RJG Your Welcome.

  10. RJG

    What are those round disc on the pocket flaps? Just kidding. 😉

  11. I think the binoculars case was meant to indicate that raincoats aren’t just for flashers, but for peeping toms as well.

  12. @ MAC

    I have no defense. I got caught in a classic duck-rabbit ambiguity of perception, except there actually *is* a duck or a rabbit to be seen depending on how you construct that particular image. In the case of the “pocket-binoculars” ambiguity, there is no pocket, just misconstruction.

  13. Way overpriced for casual clothing!

  14. Dickey Greenleaf II | May 28, 2014 at 1:12 am |

    Blackwatch version looking sharp!

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