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  1. Wanted: Traitor to the Cause

    I jest, I jest…

  2. J. Press and international fashion trends?
    The end of civilization.

  3. Japanese company looking to expand it’s international presence by hiring NY market specialist.

  4. Charlottesville | December 30, 2014 at 12:19 pm |

    Time to hit the winter sale, gentlemen, before the firm crumbles. 40% off the price of 3/2 sack suits and sport coats, while they last. Wish I could get to the Washington store this week, but the on-line offers are pretty tempting. Turning to their (former) competition in the suit business, does anyone have experience with the Brooks’ Own Make suits? They look pretty short and tight, a la Thom Browne. Like they took 40% off the amount of fabric per suit, rather than the price. I wonder whether going up a size or ordering a long (I am normally a 42R) would work.

  5. In all honesty, I’m fine with J. Press reaching for other markets.

    That is, as long as they continue producing their traditional, quality offerings.

  6. Charlottesville,
    I have two BB Own Make suits (both 3/2 rolls). I have had a 42 chest for 56 years and have required a 30″ length from bottom of collar to hem for the same time period. Starting, maybe, a decade ago BB has vanity-sized its Madison, Fitzgerald, and other traditional models. I now wear a 41R in these models. My size hasn’t changed, but their patterns have. Newer models, like the Cambridge and the Milano are slimmer and shorter. In those models, I wear a 43L. Getting back to the Own Make models you’re interested in, after trying on several at a Bricks and Mortar BB store, I determined that I needed a 42L. I am VErY happy with these suits and the size I purchased. The are a bit slimmer than the Fitzgerald and a bit shorter, too. Thus, a 42L worked for me.

    Good luck!

  7. Charlottesville | December 30, 2014 at 4:53 pm |

    Dear Billax,

    Many thanks for the advice. I still have 2 remaining Golden Fleece 3-button sack suits for BB, circa 1985 or so, that are in good enough shape to wear and would love to find a way to duplicate them today. Other than the fit, the Own Make suits look close. Those old suits wore like iron too, although I doubt the new ones will. Best wishes for the new year.

  8. Is Nick Wooster available?

  9. Their (few) Southwick jacket offerings were Southwick box offerings. Decent, but if they want to create and offer something that harkens back to better days, they’ll want to source unique British cloth (suggestions: Lovat Mill, Molloy, Alfred Brown, Breanish) and drop Cohen. If they can’t offer Southwick goods at an entry level price point (under $750), try H. Freeman.

    If they attempt re-branding without reforming the goods–well.

  10. Billax

    Thanks for the good advice about adjusting sizes with different BB models. Just curious, because we wear more or less the same size — what size do you wear in J. Press jackets and suits?

  11. RJG, Sorry to be so late in responding to your question. I do not buy any Canadian suits or sport coats from Press, due to shoulder issues. That’s just my own idiosyncrasy. A growing number of suits and sport coats at Press are made by Southwick, which I like and purchase. Southwick, like Brooks, has a wide variety of cuts. Among the 3/2 roll, narrow, natural shoulder, suits and jackets Press offers, I wear a 41R in Douglas and Plymouth models and with the Cambridge model, I take a 43L.

    Glad I was able to help!

  12. I think the Japanese owner is required to advertise the job position in a major newspaper in order to demonstrate to the Immigration Service that a qualified, local candidate cannot not be identified for the position. This facilitates obtaining a U.S. work visa for a non-American employee.

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