Holy Ivy-Style

From Steve Getman, perhaps the greatest Ivy Style photo of all time.

And from the MIGHTY Anthony Kalamut, a quick laugh:

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  1. No button-down collars? That dress is not Ivy!

  2. Certainly one of the greatest. There is also that one photo of James Garner somewhere here on I-S. Standard lapel width, standard gorge height, standard tie width, standard collar point length, two button working cuffs, regular fit, all very well too easy. (Of course Adam West was easy to fit, not an athletic build, at least not by the old definition.) And then came the European fashion designers and their innovations, their aesthetic conceptualizations, pushing their personal experimentations on the rest of us simply by making the good unavailable, not optional. That’s how good taste became exclusive. I’m ok with exclusive. Easy on my conscience.

  3. Athletic fit, back in the day, meant an eight inch drop, or more. Now an athletic fit means skinny as a rail; all cardio, no weight training/strength training. Not many guys could fit an off the rack department store suit, so they came up with cheap separates. Try to take in the waist 4 inches or more on a ready-to-wear business suit.

  4. G. Ellery Cobbold | September 17, 2023 at 1:20 pm |

    Holy front darts, Batman!

    • Good eye. I did not spot the darts.

      • G. Ellery Cobbold | September 18, 2023 at 11:20 am |

        I also wonder, at the risk of carping, if there isn’t too much color coordination for the outfit to be truly Ivy. The red of West’s tie is awfully close to the red of his sport coat. I really am carping, aren’t I? West looks great and his OCBD has the perfect collar roll. Loved his voice work on ‘The Simpsons.’ One of the greats.

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