J. Press F&W Catalog 2021 – An Ivy Syllabus


J Press Fall & Winter Catalog 2021 is not only a catalog, it is reference material for your wardrobe, and a little bit for your life.

J. Press is Ivy’s North Star, and the catalog, which you can see if you click here, strikes the perfect balance between letting us know North is still North and inviting a new audience.  We’ll take a quick tour here, but really, go look for yourself.  J. Press has not only stayed true to its roots in its fall and winter line, but it has offered up a visual learning aid.

There is something here you need.  Classic 3 roll 2 sack suits and sport coats.  English Corduroy, Harris Tweeds, and Scottish Cashmere sweaters.  Flannels.  Fair Isles (don’t know what a Fair Isle is? – have you not been paying attention? – here you go).  American made (I will say that again, American made) OCBD’s and Khakis.

Let’s start here. See what you don’t see?  300  bracelets.  That’s what you don’t see.

Open the catalog.  Go ahead.  I made it launch in another window so you can use this as a reading guide.  You’re welcome.  Didn’t click yet?  Ugh.  Here, one last time.  This is what Ivy looks like.  It doesn’t start with a montage of the inventory in case they lose you.  It starts with a quick/good essay by Richard Press about Ivy and Jazz.  Ivy is a lifestyle as well as a fashion, and here’s a good look at one aspect.

Then come the aforementioned suits, a look at some classic Ivy ties, this one knit tie I am buying myself when I stop in town tomorrow, and the aforementioned corduroy and tweed.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B


The Shaggy Dog sweaters are signature.  And come in classic and trim fit – so there is no excuse not to.  The sweater vests are essential.  If you followed the FB group last year, you know I wore a sweater vest with a tie every day for two months straight.  Here we go again.

Turn the page.  Or click.  Whatever.  Here comes the weekend.  The flannels – they look good in the woods but they also pair with a sidewalk.   Then more Shaggy Dog – this time with university inspired colors.

Turn.  A word about the Rugby shirts.  I have seen them firsthand.  I have not been a fan of Rugby shirts.  I went through a phase, sure.  Ties under them with OCBD’s.  There are people who can pull that look off.  I am not among those people.  But I am buying these.  You know where the fulcrum is between a relaxed weekend and errand running is?  It is these shirts.  J. Press snuck in a hat photo.  Yes, please.

Toboggan coats and School Boy mufflers are presented.  These are not optional.  And a Shearling Jacket imported from England evoking memories of Ryan O’Neill as Oliver Barrett in Love Story. I met Ryan O’Neill, he was very, very nice.  Not that that is related, but it is always good to add in positivity where one can.

That fulcrum I was talking about.


University inspired colors on a chest stripe Shaggy Dog, for when university is behind you but style isn’t.


Bookmark September 25th.  Ok, I will do it for you.  A video interview with Spike Wilner and Jeremy Pelt, two jazz musicians who dress J. Press will be available.  I read the print interview, and if you want an interpretation of today’s Ivy and today’s Jazz combined, there you go.

It goes on.  There are a few pages of the Bullshot Book Club dressed in J. Press, one of them playing backgammon – I can take your money fellas.  You can email me here.  More importantly, maybe, is the collection of J. Press that translates to that generation – 20 and 30 somethings with classic sensibilities.  Applause to the art direction too – it is really hard to pull off imagery like this where the subjects don’t look like they are dressing like their dads – J. Press on them looks natural.  Well, a little better than natural.  You know that feeling in catalogs where everybody is trying too hard?  These guys aren’t trying at all, it just fits.  Except for the backgammon.  I want in.

I thought I was done.  I’d covered that J. Press didn’t waver but welcomed, I covered the whole jazz thing, I picked out a few things for myself now that my daughter’s laptop for school is bought and paid for.  But I clicked again.  THE UNIVERSITY STYLE SECTION.  Of course, please dress collegiate people this way.  What’s the question?  BUT how about that rowing blazer hanging there?

I will probably come back to this catalog again in a few days and write a bit more.  It’s a lot to cover.  As I say, this is a classic roster of Ivy.  Do get started, though.




22 Comments on "J. Press F&W Catalog 2021 – An Ivy Syllabus"

  1. Thank God for the Japanese ‘Trad'(itionalists) at Onward. Looking forward by looking back.

  2. JB,
    For the youngsters among us, could you please identify the gents around the table in the Bullshot Book Club?

    Hi Linkman! – working on that, in the meantime, click here for their site. – JB

    … and here you go (courtesy of J. Press) – Chase Winner, Thomas Fortune, Matt Woodruff, FE Castleberry – JB

  3. Charlottesville | September 9, 2021 at 10:20 am |

    J. Press really does a remarkable job of keeping Ivy both true to its traditions, and appealing to younger men who did not necessarily grow up with those traditions. The shaggy dog cardigans and vests are a great idea, and I think new this year. I am also glad to see a suit in the mix. I fear that proper business suits are too often neglected these days, which is a shame; they exude elegance and assurance and are just as comfortable as a sport coat and khakis or corduroys.

    Other than the long tie paired with the otherwise interesting shawl-collared plaid dinner jacket and the prominent label on the shaggy dog knit cap, everything seems to work pretty well. So even if baseball caps worn indoors and jeans with torn knees give me willies, I doff my fedora to J. Press once again and can’t wait to get my paper copy of the Fall Brochure.

  4. Always so much handsome stuff in their catalogs, but sadly very little I honestly “need” at this point. But then when do most of us “need” a spiffy new sports jacket, suit, tie, or pair of dress cords for the coming cooler weather?

    YES. And THIS is my argument for why, if you want the aesthetic to survive, you have to talk to new people, who “need” what we already have. And those new people are not going to bite off on a tweed jacket unless it is in the context of a tweed lifestyle. – JB

  5. Richard E. Press | September 9, 2021 at 10:49 am |

    Pity “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” sad Met Gala doesn’t feature Real American Menswear Style @jpress

  6. These catalogs are a delight. I keep virtually nothing but I do save space for what will now be the sixth catalog.

  7. J.Press. There is no substitute.

  8. You had me until Bullshot Book Club. 🙄

    I’ll look past that mess and continue patronizing J.Press, which is all the better for Mr. Press’s renewed involvement.

    Ne Cede Malis

  9. NaturalShoulder | September 9, 2021 at 1:37 pm |

    I love receiving the Press catalog in the mail as to just viewing it digitally on the website. Reminds of days in the 80s of reviewing J. Crew, Bean, and Huntington catalogs prior to the internet. Unfortunately for me living in Texas the receipt of the fall catalog stirs up envy since the fall weather is still months away. The image of the gent in the corduroy suit makes me think of the character Hart from the Paper Chase as he was fond of wearing corduroy suits and had the longer hair and facial hair the mid-70s post-heyday and pre-OPH days. You could likely swap a picture of Hart for the model and he would not look out of place or, perhaps, if a sequel were made the model might be his son. Lots of good stuff.

  10. Also, and unfortunately, some of the items are either not yet available, or incorrectly listed on the J.Press website…specifically the navy alpaca jacket.

  11. michael powell | September 9, 2021 at 4:55 pm |

    J. Press doesn’t make OCBDs or khakis in my size. Brooks and Bill’s Khakis do. Guess which brands are hanging in my closet right now.

  12. Sensible wares, attractively presented. Thank you!

  13. An excellent selection of traditional American style clothing for men. Well done, J. Press!

  14. Charlottesville, I’m with you: absolutely no hats indoors, ever. I recently told my wife, if I ever owned a bar or eating establishment, I would post notice to that effect and enforce it. A guy eating at a table in a backwards ball cap is not cool. It is gross. I’m not in favor of a whole lot of old time, stuffed shirt protocol but this particular ignorant lack of basic manners just sets me off. PS- J. Press, like most things in life, ain’t what it used to be, but it’s still still pretty good. Just look around at what’s out there.

  15. Delete one “still”

  16. JB,
    Chase certainly is a winner when it comes to personal style, but his surname is Winfrey.

  17. I agree that JPress is today’s gold standard of ivy style.

  18. Gary S. Glazer | September 25, 2021 at 10:52 am |

    I just received the Fall /Winter 2021 J. Press catalogue and I really thought it was incredibly put together. I showed it to my wife who was a professional in the fine paper/brochure industry in the 80s-90s and who has a magnificent eye for paper, color and presentation. She was of the opinion that it was one of the finest brochures she has ever seen-and she has seen plenty. The paper, the color, the themes and the entire concept were 100% perfection. Bravo to J. Press, indeed the gold standard and to Richard Press for keeping the flame alive. I have never met you Richard but you are an icon-loved the story about Cary Grant and the Shaggy Dog sweaters. It prompted me to buy one, even the last thing I need is another sweater. But who cares-a simple pleasure. I finally got to New York in June and visited the store-only needed a belt-but my loyalty to the brand is everlasting.

  19. David Schwartzbard | September 26, 2021 at 7:12 pm |

    I am writing to you on Sunday, September 26th. You mentioned that a J.Press video interview with Spike Wilner and Jeremy Pelt would appear on Instagram and You Tube on September 25th. I do not see that video. What can you report to us?

  20. Robert Thorn | January 21, 2022 at 6:35 pm |

    I to received my Press catalog 2021, great ideas for a causal but classic lifestyle since I’m retired this blends perfectly.

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