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As a follow-up to our recent post “Ivy is the New Preppy,” above is an image from a Ralph Lauren promo email sent out a few days ago, with updated terminology.

A guy I play tennis with said his horse was used in an RL photo shoot done in Bodega Bay, setting for Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and home to Will of A Suitable Wardrobe. This must be the horse here:

Also on the mainstream media Ivy trendwatch is this article by The Toronto Star. Highlights include the observations “The Ivy League Look is cool,” “Harvard, the super-elite WASPy university in Boston,” “The look is very elegant, glamorous, and Old Money…. [but] you can achieve it at any price point,” and “Preppy might automatically mean clean-cut but this is a grungier preppy.” Not exactly “fidèle à l’esprit Ivy League.” — CC

Addendum: Another Canadian paper, this time the Vancouver Sun, says “The Ivy League Look is going to be huge.” Unfortunately, this remark was made in reference to the costumes on “Gossip Girl.”

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  1. My God, when is Ralph going to be cool again? Why is everything feel so forced and lacking masculinity. Billy Reid, Ever and some others feel fresh and American. I miss when Mr. Lauren’s clothes felt like Brooks on speed.

    Just saying.

  2. I would say RL has been cool. especially with their Rugby line with is the ultimate prepster look with a little added flavor (wild colors) that make it your less than ordinary country-club look. i love their Rugby line.

  3. It will never be cool to be a Republican.

  4. Very true.

  5. Christian, I’ve been reading for a little while and wanted to thank you for adding Unabashedly Prep to your blogroll. Cheers!

  6. Look at these Polo models. It’s awful. It’s not American one bit!

  7. elder prep | May 24, 2019 at 7:49 pm |

    Agree with T. Wilson, they look quite British.

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