Ivy Trendwatch: GQ’s Guide To Cambridge

In its June issue, GQ uses the term “Ivy League Look” in what I suspect is the first in a long time. The context is in a one-page guide to Cambridge.

The magazine mentions J. Press, but neglects to mention The Andover Shop, opting instead for a place called Concepts, described as “part high-end skate shop,” which carries A.P.C. waxed cotton jackets and New Balance sneakers.

Granted, the sidebar categorizes the stores under Mecca, Archive and Next Wave, but the inclusion of a “nouveau prep” hipster shop at the expense of a Cambridge institution feels like sacrilege. — CC

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  1. GQ is all about the advertiser. I’ll bet you a dozen golf balls if you get a copy from a subscriber in the Boston area you will see an advertisement from Concepts.

  2. Cambridge Trad | May 25, 2012 at 2:31 am |

    Too bad that many readers will miss this post because of Gatsby

  3. C Trad
    CC & K pretty much covered it. CQ, and Esquire, have become like motorcycle magazines, advertising dictates their lean. The shocking thing is that anyone at GQ even knew J. Press existed.

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