Ivy-Style: The Podcast Ranked #3 Globally (Source: M-X Cloud)

Here’s the show.
Here’s the ranking:


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  1. Congratulations! Frankly, I’m surprised by the large number. I’d love to see the demographics, particularly age and state/country.

  2. Listened to bits of first portion. Pleased to see (hear) this conversation happened. Bully for both of you. Ivy is the last remaining style that stands firmly athwart history, defiantly yelling “Stop!” Quintessentially, thoroughly American, and built to last.

    I’d like to see (listen to) a conversation of this sort with the proprietors of O’Connell’s.

  3. Like Old Bostonian, the link didn’t work for me, but the one below did. Other readers who have experienced the same difficulty, might like to try it:


  4. NaturalShoulder | December 14, 2022 at 6:25 am |

    Congratulations on launching. Part One of the Richard Press interview was great and I look forward to Part Two. As you mentioned, it will be tough to top Mr. Press with subsequent guests. I would enjoy hearing from David Mercer, Glen Au (Juniors), Huber family (owners of O’Connells), and some contributors to the comments or in Facebook group.

  5. Congrats on the numbers. Would be interesting to see what the podcast could do on a platform that people have heard of and use, like Stitcher, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts – or all three! I think you would realize a larger audience.

    • There are a few issues with those. First, there are copyright issues with regard to music, etc. There is advertising revenue share. There is the boosting. On MX, because of my other show, they promote the Ivy-Style show, which is a better deal for the sponsors. That matters most. Then you have to figure what drives the traffic anyway. It is the readers of the site (I have dramatically cut the ability to comment which has actually INCREASED readership), the FB Group, and the guest. When is the last time you had an hour to test drive a podcast that you randomly came across without any frame of reference? Never point never. It is word of mouth and promotion, not platform. Thank you though, I know people thinks that being on Spotify is a big deal, and if we keep up with these numbers and Spotify makes an offer then I would consider it. But for right now this is the best deal for the sponsors.

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